What is a Superfood?


So before we get moving forward I thought it would be fun and helpful to talk about what a superfood is. Superfoods have been getting alot of attention lately even though they have been around forever. They just seem to be gaining alot of air time in the last few year because of the fact they have been deemed a “superfood”. Which is nothing more than a nutritionally dense food or plant that offers exceptional health and healing benefits along with minerals.

Here are some examples of superfoods:

Avocados                                   Chlorella                           Raw chocolate

Blueberries                              Spirulina                              Tumeric

Kale                                          Reishi mushrooms               Foti

Honey                                     Chaga mushrooms                Maca

Coconut oil                             Goji Berries                      Moringa

These are just a few ….If you have a personal experience with a superfood or herb you would like to introduce and share info on please feel free to do so. I would love to hear about everyone’s experiences as well.


Healing our bodies with food and plants just makes sense to me. Our current medical system doesn’t address healing, it manages symptoms but it doesn’t repair the problem. More and more people I talk with are beginning to understand there is a big difference. Our current medical system has its place, but I personally feel it is failing us when it comes to chronic diseases and preventative care. Our trauma care is some of the best in the world but the AMA is missing the mark big time. We have heard them ridicule other modalities of healing such as chiropractic care or even acupuncture without completely understanding the mind body spirit connection. One modality of healing may not be effective for every patient, unfortunately that is what is being practiced by these doctors. Cookie cutter prescription drugs, surgeries and cancer treatments. Healing is not one size fits all …….What works for one person may not work for others.

Lets take my journey with chronic anemia for example. Doctors always prescribed Iron supplements that never worked to rebuild my blood. I kept wondering why? Why wasn’t the Iron working? I began listening to a Chiropractor talk about gluten sensitivity and how it blocks the absorption of nutrients. Gluten destroys the “Villi” in the small intestine, making absorption very difficult. Also I found that if  I cant absorb B12, I cant absorb Iron. Ok, why didn’t a doctor tell me this? Because doctors aren’t taught about nutrition. Some might be thinking, oh baloney! Doctors are taught allopathic medicine and pharmacology. They learn how to treat you with prescription drugs. Believe it or not most medical schools have a board of directors filled with pharmaceutical people. They make big donations to schools in order to secure board seats and manipulate curriculum. Insurance companies also do not cover naturopathic doctors or the services for healing they provide. Making it very hard for people to explore other modalities of healing that may be available and effective. Just imagine if some simple dietary changes, nutritional supplements and minerals could help? I feel its worth a try.

I would like to end this week by saying that it is my intention to keep the topics open and flexible on this blog concentrating on the mind, body, spirit connection. Meaning, talking about nutrient dense foods, herbs or even yoga and meditation suits me just fine. We could expand a bit on the broken medical system, food system and the problems associated with not eating organic as well if anyone is interested.   I recently discovered glyphosate or Roundup chelates the body of its minerals and that will leave you vulnerable to all kinds of health problems. Many people have no idea that this is a concern so getting the word out is very important.

Lastly, this year I had the great pleasure of visiting a wonderful hot spring in my area that was so incredibly healing to my spirit I feel it should be shared with all and I may dedicate an entire blog post to just that.

Wishing you all a very beautiful week










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