Chlorella is one of the best Superfoods on the planet in my humble opinion.


Chlorella is a single celled green algae that contains chlorophyll and is used as a nutritional supplement. Chlorella offers a host of  health benefits that truly make it a superfood.

A 1-ounce (3 tbsp) serving of chlorella contains:
  • Protein—16g.
  • Vitamin A—287% RDA.
  • Vitamin B2—71% RDA.
  • Vitamin B3—33% RDA.
  • Iron—202% RDA.
  • Magnesium—22% RDA.
  • Zinc—133% RDA.

Wow! Wow! Wow!


Chlorella is and has been used for thousands of years, however it has been around for millions! I use chlorella as well and have for a long time.  I use it for Iron,  an internal deodorizer and to remove heavy metals.  Our bodies are full of metals, some more than others. Many do not realize how they can adversely effect our health. Some people I know have been very sick from metals building up in their tissues. When they removed them a tremendous difference was felt and great improvement in symptoms and overall health ensued.

Chlorella is great for stomach issues and conditions like Crohn’s disease, Colitis and Diverticulitis. Taking Chlorella increases good bacteria in the intestines to improve digestion. Some people use Chlorella to treat stress related ulcers, constipation, bad breath , hypertension, reducing radiation side effects and boosting the immune system.

As I mentioned above my personal experience with Chlorella has been with treating my Iron deficiency. I also didn’t eat meat for 15 years and used it for supplementing protein. Chlorella is high in both Iron and Protein. There are other forms of algae that are also very beneficial . Spirulina is one and it is often confused with Chlorella, but it is a Blue Green Algae. I am going to wait and dedicate another blog post to Spirulina so we can get into all the health benefits of it as well.

There is so much misleading information on conventional medical websites concerning the effectiveness of nutritional supplements like chlorella. Let us all try and remember that this conventional medical machine that we have in our country has an agenda to push synthetic prescription drugs that don’t cure anything. These drugs actually make us sicker because the chemicals in them are not good for our brains or bodies. Chlorella can boost your immune system, the medical system doesn’t want that, they want you sick. Because sick people make them money, not healthy people. No matter how much money people throw at Susan G Komen, they still haven’t found a cure for breast cancer. Why? because if they did they wouldn’t be receiving all these donations etc. I don’t know about you but it infuriates and saddens me that more people cannot and refuse to wake up to this madness. People are sicker than ever, but this system wants you to believe we are living longer than ever and that is not fact at all. We have 17% of our children in special needs classes in schools due mostly to vaccine damage. Yet most parents still cannot wake up to this fact. We have more people being diagnosed with cancers everyday, all because of this criminal food and medical system.

Nutritionally dense foods, exercise ,sunlight,positive thinking and supplements are what our bodies need to thrive. Our family no longer sees conventional doctors and we havent for years due to the non stop pushing of poisons and their arrogant attitudes. Part of my intention for this blog is to help spread information on natural healing , therefore allowing people to choose what modality is best for them. If you dont have a Natural Doctor in your area there are some you can actually have remote skype appointments with. The doctor has you go have certain blood panels done, you send them to him and he then can see what the body requires for a healing path to begin.

Randy Tent at Diverse Health Services in Novi Michigan is offering these services.

I would like to also discuss viruses that enter our bodies via vaccines. This is a very complex topic that many are not even aware of .  I myself are battling Herpes Simplex and Mono. Mono is now called Epstein Barr to confuse us, that I am convinced I received in a vaccine as a child. These viruses turn on autoimmune disorders which I have in the form of Vitiligo. They turn on cancers and many other diseases also. The key, I have found is to keep them dormant and inactive but that takes work. Meaning keeping toxins from food, water and any environmental exposure  out of our bodies. It also means taking supplements like Lysine to turn of herpes in the gut.  If you aren’t aware of these viruses and how they can migrate into the spinal cord and travel up to the brain causing life threatening conditions like Encephalitis, you should be. Most of the damage the vaccine does is worse than the actually contracting the illness that it is designed to prevent. The bottom line is vaccines cause an immune response in the body, that is what they were designed to do. But say you are given 69 shots before the age 18 and all those created an immune response in the body by attacking all the foreign antibodies they contain. This must be why most people have some form of autoimmune disease and are riddled with inflammation that causes disease. As I got further down this rabbit hole researching this topic it became clearer and clearer to me that this is mass genocide. What will our future hold when a large portion of male children riddled with autism become adults, most unable to function as working productive males because our medical system ruined their chances of having a normal life?

We have got to start questioning our doctors suggestions. We have got to take more responsibility for our own health and healing and stop putting all our faith in this failed medical system. You cannot eat meat that is from factory farms, non organic gmo produce, drink soda and eat fast food and expect to feel good or expect the doctor to give you a magic pill to fix all the damage you have done. It doesn’t work like that, but they want you to think it does. If a doctor prescribes synthetic estrogen to you for 30 years and you take this recommendation only to later be diagnosed with breast cancer, you have some responsibility to question whether this is treatment is safe and appropriate or not. Just because a doctor recommends it doesn’t mean its right or even good for you. It is however our own personal responsibility to make certain it is……..Question and research everything! 🙂

Wishing you all a Wonderful Holiday Weekend

Much Love, Bonnie





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