The Overuse of Prescription and Over The Counter Drugs

A 2014 study in JAMA Psychiatry found 75 percent of heroin users in treatment started with painkillers, and a 2015 analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that people who are addicted to painkillers are 40 times more likely to be addicted to heroin.”

The overuse and misuse of certain drugs in our country is plaguing peoples health.  They aren’t becoming healthier no matter how many times their doctor tells them they are. People take medications for everything you can think of. Doctors prescribe dangerous acne drugs like Accutane (isotretinoin) to unsuspecting teens that cause kidney damage.

Over used pain relievers, like Tylenol and Advil are prescribed by doctors for long term daily use! That blows my mind personally! I know someone who takes alot of these to manage pain. Wouldn’t it make more sense to get to the root of the pain? Perhaps its nerve pain and can be easily relieved by a chiropractor adjustment. Nerve pain is commonly misdiagnosed by conventional doctors.

Go to a doctor suffering panic attacks or anxiety like me and they will write you a scrip for xanax so quick it will leave your head spinning. As I mentioned before, those drugs never helped me or anyone else I know with anxiety. I also know people who became dependent on them too. Its a very sad scenario for sure. People trust their doctors only to become addicts.

The sick care in this country is not creating healthier people, that is obvious. The drugs I am referring to above destroy the immune system and contain chemicals and metals like aluminum that destroy the brain. When will people wake up and realize, “I don’t feel better?” They are on multiple drugs and they don’t feel better.

I am 50 years old and like most people I tried conventional medicine for a portion of my life. I , like many have given up on chemical drugs that manage symptoms and don’t heal anything. I started looking closer at how flawed this system of sick care is. Treating life threatening diseases with toxic chemicals and prescribing drugs with side effects as serious as DEATH and people are voluntarily taking them!

I do believe we have some of the best trauma care in this world and if you get in a bad car accident they will be able to help you. The sad thing is, that if you end up in the hospital for whatever reason, I heard they are vaccinating even adults like crazy! So be careful! Never leave a love one un-attended in a hospital, because when you do they could be vulnerable to procedures you otherwise would decline. Just because you are in a hospital or a doctors office doesn’t mean they know whats best for you or your loved one. It is up to each individual to be proactive in our healthcare.

Our society has become so dependent on chemical drugs its nothing more than a drug addicted society, legal or otherwise. Most people have zero idea what effects these drugs have on their health long term. Humans are the sickest species on the planet, that is not difficult to see. “60 percent of American adults now live with at least one chronic condition; 42 percent have more than one.”  People are so trusting of their doctors they follow head shaking recommendations as if they were a demi god of some kind. If a doctor told me I needed to rip out my colon for polyps they weren’t even sure were cancerous, I would tell him to go somewhere south and hot.

92% of colons have been removed unnecessarily. Surgery makes them money, plain and simple!  “Better safe than sorry”…Famous words by a stupid doctor.

I don’t get along well with doctors and dentists anymore. They all assume we are brainwashed sheep who will do and take anything they suggest. A dental hygienist suggested I use “Listerine”. My response, was “Uh NO!” She wanted to know why? I said, “Benzoic acid and 26.9% Alcohol”, that’s why! I am not stupid, I know putting alcohol in my body is poison and benzoic acid if inhaled causes damage to the central nervous system. Shut her up real quick 😉 Do you know how many people use this product and dangerous products like this everyday assuming they are safe because the FDA approved them. FDA approval means nothing these days, due to the fact that they have been corrupted by so many corporations. Time to wake up folks.

80% of RX drugs taken in this country are produced in China or India. How much regulation do you think is occurring in those factories? The FDA is then responsible for making certain those drugs are safe after entering this country. Considering how many drugs are taken in this country, you can imagine how many are being imported. If you think the FDA is testing and screening every one, you are wrong! That would take way more man power than the FDA actually has. In reality the FDA doesn’t work to protect the people anymore, they work to facilitate corporations profits; no matter how dangerous the products are. These drugs are not safe plain and simple. If they were, tens of thousands of people wouldn’t be dying from them every year.

The fact of the matter is this system doesn’t work! Healing the body with whole foods and whole food supplements does! Children with severe Autism have tremendous strides after dietary changes and supplementation. Same with MS and RA patients. Dietary supplementation, good fats like fish oils and minerals is the answer! Not steroids, not anti inflammatory drugs, not Xanax, not Statins to lower cholesterol! Your brain is Fat and Cholesterol! why would you want to dry it up? This will cause problems like depression and dementia.

Nature was created to provide a plant for everything that ails us. That is why animals know what plants to go to and consume when they are sick. Do they require high blood pressure medication when a predator is chasing them? No….Because HBP is an adaptation to a circumstance happening in our surroundings. The body is adapting to whatever stress is occurring. When the stress leaves, the BP goes down. Why do doctors not look for what is causing the HBP and repair that problem? HBP could be an indication that something else is occurring. For instance the blood is too viscous making the heart work harder to move the blood through the body. Slippery blood moves easier through the body, taxing the heart less. Bingo! You don’t have to be a doctor for that to make sense 😀 I am not saying this is everyones cause of HBP , but this example is just that, an example.

RX drugs make this medical machine money, healthy people don’t. First and foremost doctors are supposed to heal and not cause harm. They took an oath when they became doctors to do this! What has happened to the ethical practice of medicine? It has been highjacked by corrupt pharmaceutical companies who make huge donations to medical schools allowing them seats on the board of directors and the ability to manipulate curriculum. Teaching doctors only allopathic medicine with barely any nutrition instruction. They are taught to demonize chiropractors and alternative modalities of healing, placing themselves as the almighty healers of this society. Creating a box and limiting themselves to predominately chemical treatments.

“How do you know all this stuff?”…Is what I have had people who question what I am saying ask me. I tell them I research ALOT! I don’t watch mindless TV in my free time, I mean why would I? That’s the fastest way to stupidity and brainwashing I have ever seen. TV was created to manipulate and distract and it is full of propaganda. Tell these TV people everything is frequency and vibration, and they look at you with their Fluoride stare. 😀



Learning about health and healing plants has been an exciting journey for me. Plants and superfoods are extraordinary healers! Native cultures and tribes from areas of the amazon have never suffered from chronic diseases as our society does. This food, our sedentary lifestyle, stress and toxic medicines are creating a pandemic of disease. Changing that lifestyle will change your health in tremendous ways. Having energy, sleeping well and feeling genuinely GOOD are all side effects of these lifestyle changes!

In my next Blog, I would like to begin discussing alternatives to prescribed and over the counter drugs. I would like to encourage everyone to start looking for answers on their own, not just from their doctor. Research what medicines you are taking and know what is in them, their side effects and long term effects. Do not depend on your doctor to keep you healthy or safe. It is our responsibility to take a proactive approaches to our own healthcare, not sickcare! Healthy eating, exercise, positive thinking and get outside in the sun, especially in winter! Take alternatives to dangerous drugs and I promise you, they are out there.

Superfoods, herbs, mineral and nutritional supplements will heal the body and repair damage. Poor health is not a deficiency of a chemical drug, but it could be as simple as a nutritional deficiency of some kind. A toxin overload on the system or not getting proper nerve supply to areas of the body.

Happy Healing

Blessings, Bonnie


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