Natural Ways for Healing and Feeling Better


Medication injuries are on the rise and the FDA estimates 1.3 million Americans have substantial medical injuries caused by legal prescription drugs prescribed by a physician. These drugs are dangerous and physicians have no idea how they interact with each other.

Whats interesting is how we never hear about the deaths and injuries caused by the medical system on the news. However, if deaths occurred from say Marijuana , its all over the news! “Guy jumps out of window after eating edibles” ….Completely demonizing a plant! Where are the news reports about the medical mistakes that cause death every year? Where are the reports of prescription drug deaths and injuries caused by vaccines? There are none, and for a reason! The media is meant to manipulate, not inform.

Healing our bodies is an important step to feeling better and not depending on medications. Sick people need drugs! Not healthy people! If you suffer from chronic headaches there is a reason. Taking Tylenol daily wont fix the root problem. If you are diagnosed with thyroid disease and millions are. Why not find out why and fix that instead of taking a synthetic hormone for the rest of your life or iradiating your thyroid to slow production of the hormone. YIKES! If a doctor tells you that your body requires a certain medication for the rest of your life, you should question them. Most hypothyroid disease diagnosed in this country could be caused by Estrogen, Adrenal stress, Iodine deficiency or lifestyle choices. The important thing to remember about both, is they are autoimmune diseases.

As I’ve spoken about in previous blog posts, doctors are not really looking for the reason the thyroid isn’t working correctly. They just address the low or high production of T3 or T4 that shows up on blood work. “Thyroid hormones are derivatives of the amino acid tyrosine bound covalently to iodine.” Basically without the correct balance of iodine your thyroid wont work correctly. Patients being treated for hypothyroid disease are told to not take Iodine. Patients being treated for hyper are giving radio active Iodine or radiation therapy directly on their thyroid to decrease production of the thyroid hormone being overproduced.

If we want to heal our bodies, we must recognize that taking a drug from a doctor will not accomplish that. Taking radiation will not accomplish that either. The body doesn’t heal from synthetic drugs, they don’t work that way. Hospitals don’t heal, they manage sick people for profit! Healing our bodies takes time and there is no magic pill any doctor is going to give you in order for that to happen.

When we spend years creating our sickness, it may take years to reverse it depending on our commitment to that journey. If we spend years polluting our body with poisonous drugs, alcohol, processed fast foods, Gmo foods and pesticide laden produce it’s going to take sometime to detox and heal from all that. Everybody is different, toxins get into our muscle tissue, blood, brain and every cell in our bodies. Parasites could be invading that space as well, wreaking havoc on our health. The first thing a body needs to begin the healing process is a good cleanse, a full body detox as well as parasitic. Change your diet to clean wholesome foods and vegetable juices daily to feed the under nourished system and brain. Have a viral panel done by a doctor, preferably a non conventional doctor, meaning Natropathic or chiropractor. Refuse all vaccinations, clean your environment up by choosing non toxic cleaners in the home and add house plants that clean the air .

After that is complete, begin by taking whole food supplements , Chlorella and Clays to rid the system of heavy metals. Eat only clean meats without hormones, antibiotics and that were not fed GMO grains.

Stop drinking dairy that contains bovine growth hormones, and that’s Most dairy sold in stores, if it isnt Organic. Stop Soda and fast food forever! it is easier to do if you give it up completely, than say every once in a while. Those foods are toxic and addictive. Plus, No toxic substance is good at any level taken.  If you continue to use the excuse you needed it because you were busy etc. You will always find an excuse to stop in a fast food restaurant. Get in the habit of packing food when you leave the house, grapes, an apple or banana. Its all about changing habits toward success.

I have no doubt that most of the reason people are sick and suffering diseases like autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes are caused by external or internal  environmental reasons. By consuming the wrong foods, toxic foods. By lifestyle choices, sedentary lifestyle choices. By taxing the body with chemical drugs, that includes prescription and over the counter drugs. By introducing foreign DNA and heavy metals via vaccinations. By the overuse of antibiotics, which destroy the gut microbiome and the immune system. These things cause illness and disease, you dont have to be a doctor to know this.

About 4 years ago I cleaned out all drugs from our home. No more children’s Tylenol, no more adult Tylenol for that matter. No over the counter medications no RX drugs, all of it Gone! Did you know Tylenol is the most dangerous drug around? Its true and doctors prescribe it to be used long term all the time! Trusting your doctor is dangerous!

I began building a healthy medicine cabinet. I made a Turmeric tincture for pain and inflamation. We also use Arnica for pain, a natural plant that grows in higher elevations with beautiful yellow blooms. I keep Colloidal Silver 500PPM on hand at all times, it is antiviral, antibacterial as well as antifungal. I make Elderberry syrup, it boosts the immune system and is great for kids colds. I keep zinc lozenges on hand to fight colds too. I make a Stinging Nettle tincture for allergies because its a natural antihistamine and Benadryl is very dangerous and can lead to Dementia.  There is an alternative product that is safe and effective for every dangerous drug sold. Its all about changing habits. How do I know? because I was at one time like most people in this country. I was using unsafe dangerous drugs for myself and my family. But no more, I have woken up!

Lets talk about some of the most commonly suffered conditions and chronic diseases that plague a large percentage of this country and what alternatives there are available.

Anxiety and Stress: Valerian Root ,Passion Flower, B Vitamins, Spirulina, Skullcap

I personally use a Valerian Root tincture I make. Making tinctures is so easy. You place the root or herb in a mason jar and cover it with high grade potato vodka. Give it a shake every so often during the 8 weeks it is soaking.

8 weeks for roots and 6 weeks for leafy herb.There is a ton of information regarding making tinctures online.

Herbal tinctures using plants were our medicines up until about 100 years ago when conventional medicine came on the scene. This new medicine is just that New medicine. The old ways are not lost, just forgotten by so many. Our grandparents used to dish out Cod liver oil to all their kids, we should be doing that as well. Good fats are something that has been demonized as bad for us and cause heart disease. The fact of the matter is, they are not. Vegetable oils like Corn and Soy are the worst but they push them as heart healthy. They are NOT! Unrefined oil like coconut, olive and sustainable red palm oil are my favorites. I eat coconut oil like ice cream. Taking teaspoons throughout my day in hopes that I consume 2 tablespoons eat day. Plus I cook with it all day as well.  We make all our meals at home and rarely eat out. We do have a few places in town that are 100% Organic and clean so if we do want to indulge, we go there.

Sleep Problems: Sleep disturbances are caused by an imbalance in the body, find the imbalance and your sleep will improve. Tranquilizing the body wont fix the imbalance, it will create more imbalance by introducing a chemical drug that changes physiology unnaturally.

People have side effects from these drugs that are so mind blowing. The only reason I can gather of why they haven’t pulled these drugs from use is that the FDA is being payed off to not. In my opinion, anyone who still trusts the FDA is not paying attention.–2GkbmgQXX7f07G6o6acJTh7vuW2RdOW1K65QjsDE0z2dphoCBJsQAvD_BwE

Hops: Hops is a great relaxant and is very effective for sleep. Soak your Hops flowers, at least a few ounces and in Vodka for 6 weeks. Strain your liquid from the plant and use 2 dropper fulls and see how it goes. Take a little more if needed.

I have a very sensitive CNS (central nervous system) turning the wifi off at my house at night helped my sleep ALOT! Using a stone of shungite helped too. It may sound strange to some but stones absorb energies. Shungite is all carbon with big spaces only visible under a microscope. A small piece of it can be used in a water bottle to filter tap water etc. It shields Electro magnetic frequencies (EMF’s) that interfere with the bodies energy system. Remember we are more Energy than Matter! We are bathed in EMFs all day by all the wifi waves everywhere we go. These emf’s bother me personally, and it took me sometime to figure it out. Some people are more sensitive than others. Children should be protected because their skull is thinner than adults. Fact of the matter is our government has zero idea how this will affect us long term. So what do they do? Instead of doing studies on the effects, they want to bring in more powerful 5G! This to me is INSANITY! Smart meters too! Never allow a smart meter near your home! We have got to fight this!

I keep pyramids of this shungite stone in front of my wifi router and our family wears pendant necklaces of it during the day, it is very economical and easy to find online.

High Blood Pressure: Doctors are prescribing drugs for this to almost everyone, and instead of asking the patient if they are experiencing stress in their lives they jump to give a chemical drug. HBP is an adaptive response to an outside stimuli OR another medical issue. I personally have never heard of a doctor addressing these causes. Perhaps its because they only have 7 minutes to talk to you. When I see my natropathic, I can pay for 15, 30 or 45 min depending on my need. Doctors cannot diagnose anything in 7 minutes! Address the cause of the stressers or underlying cause perhaps overly viscous blood and your HBP will improve.

These can help regulate blood pressure naturally:


Holy basil/Tulsi


Flax seeds

Cholesterol lowering drugs:  Now if you ask me, these drugs are some of the most dangerous drugs we have people taking right now. Statins are what they are calling them and if you hear your doctor say you need them, run as fast as you can! They cause all kinds of side effects like depression because they affect the brain. Your brain is fats and cholesterol, you dont want to lower the cholesterol in your brain or you could end up with dementia. Also, the body uses cholesterol for all kinds of functions! It is a building block and it is very necessary!

“Cholesterol strengthens cell walls, helps the body digest fat, and serves as a building block for hormones. The human liver makes its own cholesterol, and animal-derived foods are a dietary source. In the liver, cholesterol molecules bind to protein molecules to form lipoproteins that can travel through the bloodstream.”

The only doctors in the world that lower cholesterol are conventional doctors in the United States! Its all about money, not your health. If they can lower your cholesterol they got you! Because you will have other problems too caused by these drugs blocking natural processes in the body. You will become sicker and more valuable to them. Do your own research, and don’t buy into it.  Cholesterol does NOT clog arteries. Its a lie!

I have tried to tell family and friends this but they don’t believe me. They believe their corrupt doctor who is a puppet for big pharma. Its such a shame, and to have to watch people you care about destroying their health is hard. People just don’t understand and they don’t want to take the time to find the truth.


Depression: “You must have a serotonin deficiency, caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain. You must take this chemical drug with a long list of side effects to help that “…claims most doctors

Herbs used: St Johns Wort, used in Europe for most mood disorders and is highly efective. One thing about using herbs that people complain about is they dont work fast enough, compared to RX drugs. Plants need to be allowed to get into the system. It has been my experience that after a month I can see beneficial changes in myself. Understanding that these plants work with the bodies innate immune/ healing system and not just suppress an area of the brain. Suppressing an area of the brain wont correct anything, all it does is manage a symptom. Not curing anything at all.

Dietary triggers: Sugar especially Fructose suppresses a key growth hormone called BDNF. BDNF is critically low in depressed people.

Deficienct in B Vitamins


Lack of Sunlight

Environmental Stressers: Financial troubles, negative relationships, Job challenges, Poor diet with nutritional and mineral deficiencies, lack of excersize.

Hormone Imbalance: 

Maca, a root from South America


Mood and hormone balance:  “Hormone balance is key to regulating sexual function, mood regulation, disease prevention, and much more. Maca’s ability to balance hormones is often credited to its stimulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. It may be the phytonutrients contained in maca that work to balance the endocrine system.”

Colds and Flu: Colds and Flu can easily be kept at bay or minimized by using these key supplements. First and foremost strengthen the gut flora and the immune system. Without that you are toast. Good probiotics daily are essential and necessary to keep yourself from catching any bugs you come in contact with. Taking antibiotics destroys that! I know people who use antibiotics so frequently and they actually wonder why they get sick all the time. They ruined their microbiome, that’s why. They have zero protection against anything!

Vitamin D: Especially in Winter

Vitamin C

Lysine: Great at combating the Flu virus and other viruses.

Elderberries: like my syrup strengthens immunity

Colloidal Silver: Great for boosting Immunity OR fighting nasty colds and Flu. Short term use is recommended. Meaning do not use this on a long term basis.

In Conclusion: 

It has been a long journey for me but I can honestly say I have Never felt better! Changing my lifestyle to incorporate wholesome foods, mineral and nutritional supplements, fresh juices and herbal plant medicines has been phenomenal. I practice Yoga everyday and have for the past 2 years and I see extraordinary changes in my body. I also walk everyday with my 157 pound Newfoundland. Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit is the key to a healthy life, it is all connected. Removing ourselves from toxic situations and people as well, so that we can place ourselves and our healing journey first and foremost in our lives.

Much Love, Bonnie





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