Stinging Nettle

Nettle nettle rich in Iron, good for the blood but you wouldn’t want to lie in them“………


Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica and the closely related Urtica urens) has a long medicinal history. In medieval Europe, it was used as a diuretic (to rid the body of excess water) and to treat joint pain.

Stinging nettle is the name given to common nettle, garden nettle, and hybrids of these plants. Originally from the colder regions of northern Europe and Asia, this herbaceous shrub grows all over the world today. Stinging nettle grows well in nitrogen-rich soil, blooms between June and September, and usually reaches 2 to 4 feet high.

Stems are upright and rigid. Leaves are heart shaped, finely toothed, and tapered at the ends, and flowers are yellow or pink. The entire plant is covered with tiny stiff hairs, mostly on the underside of the leaves and stem, that release stinging chemicals when touched.

Nettle is another plant I take routinely for building blood and relieving allergies. It contains a natural antihistamine so before allergy season ramps up I start taking the Nettle tincture I make. Some plants like Nettle I have found through experience take a little while to build up in the body so it is something you want to give some time to work and stay on it religiously.

Nettle is good for so many things it has become a staple in my herbal medicine chest.

Nettle is high vitamin C and iron content makes it ideal for stimulating red blood cell production.Vitamin C and B12 facilitate the absorption of iron in the gut and iron is a crucial component of blood. By increasing red blood cell production blood circulation increases, oxygenating the extremities better increasing overall energy levels! Therefore Nettle is great for treating anemia.

More Benefits Include:

Early stages of Prostate disease (enlarged prostate)

Natural allergy relief: Can be used for seasonal allergies and asthma.

I use my Nettle tincture heavy for  2 months leading up to spring. If I don’t my allergies are killing me when the cottonwoods start up in May.

Start soaking your nettle tincture NOW so it will be ready by the end of March.

Use the same instructions I used for the sleep tincture.

Place dry nettle in mason jar 1/3 way up. Cover with vodka or brandy to top of jar. Soak 6 weeks minimum because remember its a leaf not a root. Roots take a minimum of 8 weeks. You can use this method for seriously almost any herb or root. Including Turmeric! You will get better absorption of the Turmeric from the powerful strength of the tincture, especially if you add black peppercorns which I do. We use it for headaches, or pain in general. Its very anti-inflammatory and works to prevent cancer as well.

Tea is also a great way to take Nettle.

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Stimulates Circulation

Helps to prevent Kidney Stones, which I have heard IS HORRIBLE. This can definitely be prevented through dietary choices, soda is not good for preventing kidney stones.

Osteoarthritis,Reduces inflammation, aches and pains.

AND, Interestingly Nettle can help increase the production of breast milk!

Nettle is truly good for so many things and it is claimed to be a general body tonic and very beneficial to all over health.

Another great fact about many of these herbs including Nettle is that they are edible plants. Many people are still foraging wild plants for food. The art of foraging is being brought back and I find it fun and who knows, perhaps it might come in handy one day in the future to have this knowledge. Just a note, when cooked or dried Nettles loose their stinging properties.

Growing Nettle and these plants in your garden or on your property is wonderful and useful. Nettle doesn’t grow everywhere, so check your areas planting guides to be sure it can thrive without much work. Also, I would keep it away from kids and pets. You dont want them coming in contact with this plant. Care needs to be taken when harvesting and drying Nettle also. Proper clothing and gloves would be highly recommended.

Always check with your doctor if you are on medications before taking any herbal supplements. Nettle can interact with certain drugs such as:

Blood thinners

Blood pressure meds






Take good care, Bonnie





Sleep Tincture



I have suffered from sleep problems for the past 16 years.  I was always a big sleeper as a child but something changed and not for the better. Sleep is such an important part of our day and so important for the body to reset. The body goes through important processes at night and we need to be resting so these can be performed.  I don’t have big troubles every night, but some nights are down right brutal. Last night was one of those nights. As I lay awake at 2 am I thought, tomorrow I am making a tincture for sleep. I will take hops encapsulated until the 6 week time is up and my tincture is ready.

I wanted to share this with you all, hoping you would benefit from this or know someone who can.

The first thing I did after I took my son to school was go to my favorite health food market that has a great selection of bulk herbs. I bought an ounce each of dried loose passionflower and skullcap. I also bought .5 oz of dried hops. I swung by the liquor store and bought some vodka too, brandy works well also if vodka isn’t your thang.

Getting the dried herbs is easy and many organic types are available on Amazon if you don’t have herbs available locally. I’m so glad I do! I love to go and look at all the jars filled with beautiful herbs, wonderful, magical healing plants has become a passion of mine.

To start making your tincture you will need a mason jar. You can make as little or as much as you want.

Place herbs in mason jar 1/3 way up

Fill jar with liquor of choice to the top.

Cover and Label! Labeling is important, and also add the date on the label. That way there is no confusion.

I store my tinctures while they are soaking in a cabinet in my basement. They should be stored in a cool dark place for 6-8 weeks before using. I have had tinctures soaking for much longer than this. However, 6-8 weeks is a minimum suggested by herbalists alike.

6 weeks for leaf

8 weeks for roots

The herbs I used for this sleep tincture were all leaf, so I will let it soak for 6 weeks.

You could add Valerian root to this sleep tincture and allow it to soak 8 weeks if you wanted. I made a separate Valerian tincture for anxious stressful days. I like to have that on hand if I need it.

Whenever I am down in my basement and I remember, I take the jars and give them a gentle roll and turn them to distribute the herbs. I then place them back in the cabinet to continue soaking. After my tinctures are done soaking, I strain the liquid from the herbs with type of cheese cloth strainer or any fine strainer.

I then pour them into amber tincture bottles with dropper lids and label them. They are now ready to use. These tinctures wont go bad, but I would suggest never keeping them in direct sunlight. The sunlight can weaken the quality of the extract, that’s why medicines have always been stored in dark bottles.

I live in Colorado and enjoy old towns that still have old drug stores set up just as they were at the turn of the century. All the old medicine bottles lined up in antique bottles with labels like Arsenic and Cannabis. Arsenic? a medicine? I thought it was only a poison, but it isn’t. Used in high doses it can kill you, but in small doses it cures things like Syphilis and Psoriasis.  Wow! I noticed at my local health food store while buying cell/tissue salts that there was an arsenic cell salt. Very interesting indeed. I like to keep an open mind about these things and I started doing more research on the subject. What I found was intriguing indeed. A study done at Stanford University found that a certain type of Arsenic can actually be useful at treating certain types of cancers.

With that said I think I may dedicate a future blog post to the healing ability of Arsenic.

Ok, back on track with the tinctures. wink

Herbal medicines and extracts have been used for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence dates back 60,000, written evidence 5,000. That is pretty impressive!

These plants medicines work. They work with the innate healing system in the body and they are not addictive! And anyone can make them! But please, before you begin using these herbs I would research them and how they may interact with any prescription drugs you are taking.  

As I mentioned in previous blog posts our family does not take any RX drugs or over the counter drugs. We quit that a few years ago. Anything we need can be provided through Natropathic care or Homeopathic plant remedies. Being proactive about your health in my opinion is the best thing we could do for ourselves. My biggest fear is winding up in an emergency room or hospital. Now I understand accidents happen, but I literally see people destroying their health all caused by lifestyle choices. They end up in the hospital hoping doctors can rescue them from their own destructive behavior. It isn’t the medical establishments responsibility to save you from yourself. Its up to all of us to take care of our own health by eating healthy, exercising and having some connection to the divine.

Peace and Love, Bonnie




New Year Detox



Welcome 2018!

Now that the Holidays are over it is a good idea to start each New year off with a good whole body detox. Starting the New Year off fresh with a cleanse, exercise routine and spiritual practice will get us on the right track for a fabulous year. Routine cleanses are imperative if we want to keep our bodies working efficiently. Detox pathways must remain open in order for our bodies to eliminate waste and toxins daily. However most peoples are not due to poor diet, lack of mobility, exercise, and chronic dehydration. Prescription and over the counter drugs can block detox pathways, preventing elimination. These toxins will cycle through an overloaded liver back into the blood stream where they continue this process.

When the body is cleansed of built up waste products in the colon, the body just works and feels better! We are exposed to chemicals and toxins daily and they bio accumulate causing us to feel bad! Our bodies are overloaded and cannot keep up on its own, especially if we continue to eat poorly,use chemicals in our home, and take chemical drugs of any kind. That includes Tylenol, RX drugs or any over the counter drugs etc.

After you complete your cleanse you immediately feel better!


Muscle aches


Sleep improves

Better nutrient absorption

These are just a few!

For many who have never done a detox in their life, I am sure you wonder where do you begin? Begin by making a commitment to yourself and stick to it! Begin by planning your cleanse and your meals from here on out because if you don’t make better life choices after your cleanse, its pretty much a wasted effort. Now I am not suggesting making an entire 180 degree lifestyle change, but I am saying baby steps. Making small changes leads to long lasting success!

My journey has been over the past 20+ years. Small changes each year, like stopping all fast foods, cut out soda another year, made a commitment to organics the next, we eat completely non Gmo ,started yoga two years ago and went Gluten free this year etc etc…No one can be expected to change everything in a short period of time so just pace yourself and stay committed. I promise you the rewards you reap are worth it!

Giving up soda completely was the best thing I have ever done for my health. I never drink it anymore because when I did I felt like I was having a heart attack for real! The High Fructose Corn Syrup was like having sugar injected directly into my blood stream and I felt horrible! No one should be consuming that stuff, especially kids! When I see a  child drinking soda I just cannot believe it. It is similar to seeing a parent give a child a drug, because they are setting their child up for addiction. HFCS is so addictive, once hooked your brain craves more more more. A Princeton study done in 2010 showed that rats given HFCS compared to others given sucrose had substantially more weight gain. Now this stuff is in ALOT of processed foods, not just soda. The FDA subsidizes corn so it is cheaper than sugar. So with that said the FDA is a big part of the problem , not the solution.

Important: Doing a colon cleanse prior to your detox should be a priority. Especially if you eat alot of meat products or do not have atleast 3 bowel movements a day. Seriously, I am not kidding. If your bowels are impacted with waste it will be impossible to do an effective cleanse.

There are a myriad of Detox products on the market and I have done some of those. If it is more convenient for you to buy a ready made product than go for it . Just be careful that you are buying something good and not junk. My advice would be go to a health food store or Whole Foods. Buy something non gmo verified and organic. Don’t buy something from CVS or Walmart that you aren’t sure came from China and is loaded with more toxins and chemicals.

Personally, I don’t detox in that way anymore. I use:


Detox tea

Bentonite clay internally

Chlorella powder

Cilantro powder

Coffee enemas

Epson Salt baths with 10 drops of lavender essential oil

Fresh vegetable juices

Wheatgrass juice

Saunas, especially Infra red

Good old exercise and sweating!

Oregano oil if you want to do a parasite cleanse. Take for 30 days


Length of cleanse depends on level of toxicity and method used.  If you have never done a cleanse before I would suggest purchasing something and follow the instructions .


After you complete your cleanse, try and stay committed to your journey by doing a monthly cleanse and eating as clean as possible.


I cleanse on a regular basis, meaning I take charcoal, clay or chlorella anytime I feel like I need to.

Something I feel like I should mention is some people who have Mercury fillings have a problem with taking chlorella because it pulls heavy metals like Mercury. I have heard that it pulls the mercury from their teeth into the body making them feel very bad, alot like Mercury poisoning. I have mercury in my mouth but have never had this experience myself. Alot of people claim these fillings are safe, personally I do not and I have not gotten them put in my own children’s mouth and would never get any more in my own. It is my belief that these metals are bioaccumulative in the body and can make you very very ill. Alzheimer’s brains have been found to contain enormous amounts of aluminum, perhaps from everyday products like aluminum pans, aluminum cans, vaccines and aluminum foil. I mean think about the level of exposure we are subjected to and the FDA doesn’t recall any of these products to alert the public to the potential dangers. It is up to consumers to be aware of the dangers we face in order to protect ourselves and our families. We can no longer trust these government agencies to do that for us.

It isn’t unusual during your detox to feel flu like symptoms such as body aches, low grade fever or headache. This is normal, especially if you have never detoxed your body before. These are the toxins coming out and they should be encourage to, so do not stop the detox process if this occurs. I don’t experience this anymore and you wont either once you get cleaned up inside.

Best wishes to you in the coming New Year!

Namaste’, Bonnie