Sleep Tincture



I have suffered from sleep problems for the past 16 years.  I was always a big sleeper as a child but something changed and not for the better. Sleep is such an important part of our day and so important for the body to reset. The body goes through important processes at night and we need to be resting so these can be performed.  I don’t have big troubles every night, but some nights are down right brutal. Last night was one of those nights. As I lay awake at 2 am I thought, tomorrow I am making a tincture for sleep. I will take hops encapsulated until the 6 week time is up and my tincture is ready.

I wanted to share this with you all, hoping you would benefit from this or know someone who can.

The first thing I did after I took my son to school was go to my favorite health food market that has a great selection of bulk herbs. I bought an ounce each of dried loose passionflower and skullcap. I also bought .5 oz of dried hops. I swung by the liquor store and bought some vodka too, brandy works well also if vodka isn’t your thang.

Getting the dried herbs is easy and many organic types are available on Amazon if you don’t have herbs available locally. I’m so glad I do! I love to go and look at all the jars filled with beautiful herbs, wonderful, magical healing plants has become a passion of mine.

To start making your tincture you will need a mason jar. You can make as little or as much as you want.

Place herbs in mason jar 1/3 way up

Fill jar with liquor of choice to the top.

Cover and Label! Labeling is important, and also add the date on the label. That way there is no confusion.

I store my tinctures while they are soaking in a cabinet in my basement. They should be stored in a cool dark place for 6-8 weeks before using. I have had tinctures soaking for much longer than this. However, 6-8 weeks is a minimum suggested by herbalists alike.

6 weeks for leaf

8 weeks for roots

The herbs I used for this sleep tincture were all leaf, so I will let it soak for 6 weeks.

You could add Valerian root to this sleep tincture and allow it to soak 8 weeks if you wanted. I made a separate Valerian tincture for anxious stressful days. I like to have that on hand if I need it.

Whenever I am down in my basement and I remember, I take the jars and give them a gentle roll and turn them to distribute the herbs. I then place them back in the cabinet to continue soaking. After my tinctures are done soaking, I strain the liquid from the herbs with type of cheese cloth strainer or any fine strainer.

I then pour them into amber tincture bottles with dropper lids and label them. They are now ready to use. These tinctures wont go bad, but I would suggest never keeping them in direct sunlight. The sunlight can weaken the quality of the extract, that’s why medicines have always been stored in dark bottles.

I live in Colorado and enjoy old towns that still have old drug stores set up just as they were at the turn of the century. All the old medicine bottles lined up in antique bottles with labels like Arsenic and Cannabis. Arsenic? a medicine? I thought it was only a poison, but it isn’t. Used in high doses it can kill you, but in small doses it cures things like Syphilis and Psoriasis.  Wow! I noticed at my local health food store while buying cell/tissue salts that there was an arsenic cell salt. Very interesting indeed. I like to keep an open mind about these things and I started doing more research on the subject. What I found was intriguing indeed. A study done at Stanford University found that a certain type of Arsenic can actually be useful at treating certain types of cancers.

With that said I think I may dedicate a future blog post to the healing ability of Arsenic.

Ok, back on track with the tinctures. wink

Herbal medicines and extracts have been used for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence dates back 60,000, written evidence 5,000. That is pretty impressive!

These plants medicines work. They work with the innate healing system in the body and they are not addictive! And anyone can make them! But please, before you begin using these herbs I would research them and how they may interact with any prescription drugs you are taking.  

As I mentioned in previous blog posts our family does not take any RX drugs or over the counter drugs. We quit that a few years ago. Anything we need can be provided through Natropathic care or Homeopathic plant remedies. Being proactive about your health in my opinion is the best thing we could do for ourselves. My biggest fear is winding up in an emergency room or hospital. Now I understand accidents happen, but I literally see people destroying their health all caused by lifestyle choices. They end up in the hospital hoping doctors can rescue them from their own destructive behavior. It isn’t the medical establishments responsibility to save you from yourself. Its up to all of us to take care of our own health by eating healthy, exercising and having some connection to the divine.

Peace and Love, Bonnie




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