Protecting you and your Family from this Flu


Wow! The Flu this year is off the chain crazy! You hear about someone dying from it almost everyday now. I cant help but ask myself, “Is this flu bad because of the flu shot? or do all these people just have weak immune systems? Perhaps it’s both? Also, are these people dying from the actual Flu or have some passed from the treatment they received, maybe from the Tamiflu they push at over $100 a pop?

Some of you may be thinking, this woman is a conspiracy nut. But asking these questions that go against the mainstream narrative are not conspiracy theories when we know for a fact the news lies to us and big pharma is dangerous.

In my humble opinion the flu vaccine does nothing more than create an outbreak and keep the virus in the population. Vaccinated people are contagious because no matter what Dr Oz says the live flu virus is in the vaccine! After you receive it, you can infect others for up to 3 weeks. Many people do not understand this fact and that is why I keep repeating it. Also, the flu shot is one of the vaccines that still contains Mercury. That is a neurotoxin folks and you do not want it in your body.

I am going to get a little political here for a moment. Donald Rumsfeld has his hand in Tamiflu and has for a long time. The same Donald Rumsfeld who was Secretary of Defense under Bush Jr. The same Donald Rumsfeld who reported trillions missing from the pentagon days before it was allegedly hit by a commercial airplane and the documents were conveniently destroyed. The same Donald Rumsfeld who owns the company that makes the scanners we are now forced to walk through in airports. Hmmm, things that make you go hmmm.

My point is, we are dealing with a corrupt government and country. It’s everyone for themselves. If we don’t get wise to these drugs and vaccines, you may be their next victim. It doesn’t have to be that way, we don’t need those drugs and vaccines! Its all about money for them, that is it!

In 2017 The Vaccine Injury Court paid out 3.6 billion in damages to families.

This is Insanity squared!

I am going to get back to the topic of this blog post now and that is how can we protect ourselves and our families in a safe, natural and effective way?

There are many ways, but most importantly you must improve your immune system. It can be destroyed in so many ways. For example: Taking antibiotics, eating non organic foods, eating gluten, drinking soda, consuming too much sugar, not taking probiotics regularly, stress, lack of sleep etc etc. In order to create a very strong immune system, overall health is important. Stop taking drugs, get off them and get on other methods. Most people that claim they can’t stop taking these drugs because their doctor said so is very misinformed. There are doctors out there that can and will get you off all your RX drugs and they do it everyday.

If you don’t take supplements you are definitely deficient.  Most foods now are void of nutrition, especially processed foods. Drinking soda will deplete important minerals too.

Treating a Cold or Flu Naturally

Use colloidal Silver! I use Silver Wings brand 500ppm (parts per million)

Colloidal silver is a miracle for anything Viral, Bacterial and Fungal. It will kill MRSA on contact. It WILL Kill the Flu too! Always have it on hand and if you start feeling sick, take a teaspoon 3x a day. It can also be used short term to boost the immune system. Just don’t stay on it more than a few weeks at a time. It is a Miracle! It can be purchased at most health food stores and amazon. I give it to my pets too! My cat was bitten by a neighbor cat and got a bad infection. I gave it to him orally and directly on the wound. He healed up after about a week and a half. Good as new.


Vitamin D

Large doses of Vitamin C

Manuka Honey

Elderberry Syrup: I make this and my kids LOVE it! Its so easy. I simmer the dried elderberries on the stove stop for about an hour plus, strain the berries from the liquid and add honey until sweet. I place it in old maple syrup jars and store it in the refrigerator. I have been giving my kids this everyday lately because its great to strengthen the immune system but it can also shorten the duration of a cold.

Cold and Flu tincture for really bad bouts of the Flu.



Lemon Balm

Make this and keep on hand.

Tea is wonderful and Traditional Medicines has a box of mixed teas for colds that I highly recommend. Includes: Throat coat, Echinacea  Gypsy Cold Care and more.

In Conclusion: Many people believe that getting a cold a few times a year is normal and something the have to put up with. I personally do not hold this belief. I have not had a cold in more than 2 years. I may have days when I don’t feel my best, but as far as a cold or flu, those do not plague me. I haven’t always been this lucky, but it is clear to me now that my lifestyle choices play a big part in me not getting sick and having a healthy functioning immune system is key.

Stay Well Everyone,


EMF’s and your Health


“Electromagnetic fields, similar to those found in overhead power lines, can have a biological effect on human cells, an effect that could contribute to the complex cellular process that leads to cancer, research at Michigan State University shows.” Science Daily

Electromagnetic Fields are everywhere and they affect everyone differently. If you live in any suburban neighborhood in the United States you are bathed in EMF’s every minute of every day. What affect does this have on our health? Did our government know if there are any health risks before immersing our society and population in these frequencies? And how do these frequencies affect our bodies? the answer I found was they can interfere with cell to cell communication, because our bodies are essentially more energy than matter. Our brain fires electrical impulses to each neuron, and when those are disrupted it can cause problems.

In my search to find studies done prior to our government allowing Wifi to be rolled out  in everywhere USA, I was shocked to see the only research conducted was by industry swayed sources.  I could not find one study done by an unbiased reliable source out there, all the ones I found where either done by the very people who profit off these services or ones produced and paid for by people who don’t want us to know the truth so they fill us with lies and attempt to brainwash us. Just to put some perspective on the global cellular industry and their profits, they made over 470 billion last year globally. Combine all the wireless providers and that industry is also in the hundreds of billions. So needless to say there are plenty of lobbyists in Washington hiding the truth and pushing for more more more! Regardless of the dangers!

Fortunately many studies have been done since by people who just want to know the truth of how this affects us and what we can do to help protect ourselves and our families from the health consequences related to electromagnetic frequencies.

Microwaves have been in use for many years. Think about it for a minute, radiation cooking the food. Non Ionizing radiation , but still radiation. People try to defend non-ionizing radiation as being safe, but I am not buying it personally. Cell phones also contain non ionizing radiation just in smaller doses than a microwave and people are getting brain cancers as well as other body cancers where they carry their cell phones, I don’t think this is a coincidence.

Personally, I don’t hear very many people having this conversation and I think we should. What scares me right now is when I hear about the new 5G and Smart meters. People in states that are implementing smart meters are having serious issues from them. Such as, inability to sleep, anxiety beyond belief, headaches etc.

Perhaps not all people are affected by these frequencies or perhaps some aren’t connecting the dots. I am highly sensitive, it took me some time to recognize this. I am an empath and just having a TV on too long can get my anxiety going. When we lived in a very small home, we had our computer and router in our bedroom. I didn’t sleep the entire time we lived there. Now I realize what a dangerous thing that was to do.

Something important to point out is that it’s not just the WiFi and cellphones that pose risks. Cordless phones and baby monitors are pretty high on the emf scale. Children are especially vulnerable to these frequencies due to the fact their skulls are thinner. 

In order for me to get sleep I shut down my computer, turn off the wifi router and zero cell phones in the bedroom. I learned how to protect myself from these waves, such as wearing Shungite pendants, placing shungite pyramids next to my router and computer as well as other stones (amazonite) and crystals. I also use Orgone generators, I have 2 salt lamps and about 20 plus plants in my home, I feel they all help.

Lets talk about some of the possible symptoms associated with EMF waves from electronics.

Disrupts sleep patterns


Balance problems

Tinitus (ringing in ears)

Heart palpitaions

Lack of concentration (ADD)

We must make certain that we are taking minerals and vitamin supplements to help combat the effects that these frequencies have on our biological systems. Vit D and Magnesium are vital for protecting the cells and most importantly the Mitochondria in every cell.

Another important thing to point out is heavy metal overload. If you have never done a heavy metal detox, you most definitely should. You should also stay on metal chelators ( Chlorella) routinely in order to keep them out as much as possible. Think about it, if you are full of metals you are a walking antenna . All of us have some level of metals in our bodies, but some peoples are so bad it can cause serious health problems.

Something you can use to remove metals and detox the body is called Bentonite Clay. It is a charged clay which means it can attach to metals in the body and remove them through the excrement. Very simple and effective. I mix a teaspoon of powder in water with a non metallic spoon. Use wood or plastic only because using metal will weaken the charge. Also this product can be binding so my advice would be to do a colon cleanse prior to a heavy metal cleanse to be sure things can be moved out and that your detox pathway is open. Clay can be binding so if you have a problem with sluggish bowels use Psyllium Husk along with the clay, this will ensure you don’t get constipated.

Activated charcoal works in the same way and can be obtained encapsulated and is very inexpensive.

Infrared Sauna is also used to detox metals. Sweating excessively during exercise is effective too.

Lets all get informed on this important issue so we can make the best choice possible on how to proceed with these technologies that are more than likely here to stay. Let’s express our concerns to government officials and vocalize that we want more testing done by impartial scientists and doctors not paid for by the industry itself. Lets be sure our children and families are safe before taking this to the next level of 5G.

Personally, I am not interested in 5G. I am not a person who wants bigger, faster, better all the time, but realize our society is forever changing and progressing. But at what expense? whose expense?

Stay well and stay protected

Much Love, Bonnie