Sleep Tincture



I have suffered from sleep problems for the past 16 years.  I was always a big sleeper as a child but something changed and not for the better. Sleep is such an important part of our day and so important for the body to reset. The body goes through important processes at night and we need to be resting so these can be performed.  I don’t have big troubles every night, but some nights are down right brutal. Last night was one of those nights. As I lay awake at 2 am I thought, tomorrow I am making a tincture for sleep. I will take hops encapsulated until the 6 week time is up and my tincture is ready.

I wanted to share this with you all, hoping you would benefit from this or know someone who can.

The first thing I did after I took my son to school was go to my favorite health food market that has a great selection of bulk herbs. I bought an ounce each of dried loose passionflower and skullcap. I also bought .5 oz of dried hops. I swung by the liquor store and bought some vodka too, brandy works well also if vodka isn’t your thang.

Getting the dried herbs is easy and many organic types are available on Amazon if you don’t have herbs available locally. I’m so glad I do! I love to go and look at all the jars filled with beautiful herbs, wonderful, magical healing plants has become a passion of mine.

To start making your tincture you will need a mason jar. You can make as little or as much as you want.

Place herbs in mason jar 1/3 way up

Fill jar with liquor of choice to the top.

Cover and Label! Labeling is important, and also add the date on the label. That way there is no confusion.

I store my tinctures while they are soaking in a cabinet in my basement. They should be stored in a cool dark place for 6-8 weeks before using. I have had tinctures soaking for much longer than this. However, 6-8 weeks is a minimum suggested by herbalists alike.

6 weeks for leaf

8 weeks for roots

The herbs I used for this sleep tincture were all leaf, so $I will let it soak for 6 weeks.

You could add Valerian root to this sleep tincture and allow it to soak 8 weeks if you wanted. I made a separate Valerian tincture for anxious stressful days. I like to have that on hand if I need it.

Whenever I am down in my basement and I remember, I take the jars and give them a gentle roll and turn them to distribute the herbs. I then place them back in the cabinet to continue soaking. After my tinctures are done soaking, I strain the liquid from the herbs with type of cheese cloth strainer or any fine strainer.

I then pour them into amber tincture bottles with dropper lids and label them. They are now ready to use. These tinctures wont go bad, but I would suggest never keeping them in direct sunlight. The sunlight can weaken the quality of the extract, that’s why medicines have always been stored in dark bottles.

I live in Colorado and enjoy old towns that still have old drug stores set up just as they were at the turn of the century. All the old medicine bottles lined up in antique bottles with labels like Arsenic and Cannabis. Arsenic? a medicine? I thought it was only a poison, but it isn’t. Used in high doses it can kill you, but in small doses it cures things like Syphilis and Psoriasis.  Wow! I noticed at my local health food store while buying cell/tissue salts that there was an arsenic cell salt. Very interesting indeed. I like to keep an open mind about these things and I started doing more research on the subject. What I found was intriguing indeed. A study done at Stanford University found that a certain type of Arsenic can actually be useful at treating certain types of cancers.

With that said I think I may dedicate a future blog post to the healing ability of Arsenic.

Ok, back on track with the tinctures. wink

Herbal medicines and extracts have been used for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence dates back 60,000, written evidence 5,000. That is pretty impressive!

These plants medicines work. They work with the innate healing system in the body and they are not addictive! And anyone can make them! But please, before you begin using these herbs I would research them and how they may interact with any prescription drugs you are taking.  

As I mentioned in previous blog posts our family does not take any RX drugs or over the counter drugs. We quit that a few years ago. Anything we need can be provided through Natropathic care or Homeopathic plant remedies. Being proactive about your health in my opinion is the best thing we could do for ourselves. My biggest fear is winding up in an emergency room or hospital. Now I understand accidents happen, but I literally see people destroying their health all caused by lifestyle choices. They end up in the hospital hoping doctors can rescue them from their own destructive behavior. It isn’t the medical establishments responsibility to save you from yourself. Its up to all of us to take care of our own health by eating healthy, exercising and having some connection to the divine.

Peace and Love, Bonnie




New Year Detox



Welcome 2018!

Now that the Holidays are over it is a good idea to start each New year off with a good whole body detox. Starting the New Year off fresh with a cleanse, exercise routine and spiritual practice will get us on the right track for a fabulous year. Routine cleanses are imperative if we want to keep our bodies working efficiently. Detox pathways must remain open in order for our bodies to eliminate waste and toxins daily. However most peoples are not due to poor diet, lack of mobility, exercise, and chronic dehydration. Prescription and over the counter drugs can block detox pathways, preventing elimination. These toxins will cycle through an overloaded liver back into the blood stream where they continue this process.

When the body is cleansed of built up waste products in the colon, the body just works and feels better! We are exposed to chemicals and toxins daily and they bio accumulate causing us to feel bad! Our bodies are overloaded and cannot keep up on its own, especially if we continue to eat poorly,use chemicals in our home, and take chemical drugs of any kind. That includes Tylenol, RX drugs or any over the counter drugs etc.

After you complete your cleanse you immediately feel better!


Muscle aches


Sleep improves

Better nutrient absorption

These are just a few!

For many who have never done a detox in their life, I am sure you wonder where do you begin? Begin by making a commitment to yourself and stick to it! Begin by planning your cleanse and your meals from here on out because if you don’t make better life choices after your cleanse, its pretty much a wasted effort. Now I am not suggesting making an entire 180 degree lifestyle change, but I am saying baby steps. Making small changes leads to long lasting success!

My journey has been over the past 20+ years. Small changes each year, like stopping all fast foods, cut out soda another year, made a commitment to organics the next, we eat completely non Gmo ,started yoga two years ago and went Gluten free this year etc etc…No one can be expected to change everything in a short period of time so just pace yourself and stay committed. I promise you the rewards you reap are worth it!

Giving up soda completely was the best thing I have ever done for my health. I never drink it anymore because when I did I felt like I was having a heart attack for real! The High Fructose Corn Syrup was like having sugar injected directly into my blood stream and I felt horrible! No one should be consuming that stuff, especially kids! When I see a  child drinking soda I just cannot believe it. It is similar to seeing a parent give a child a drug, because they are setting their child up for addiction. HFCS is so addictive, once hooked your brain craves more more more. A Princeton study done in 2010 showed that rats given HFCS compared to others given sucrose had substantially more weight gain. Now this stuff is in ALOT of processed foods, not just soda. The FDA subsidizes corn so it is cheaper than sugar. So with that said the FDA is a big part of the problem , not the solution.

Important: Doing a colon cleanse prior to your detox should be a priority. Especially if you eat alot of meat products or do not have atleast 3 bowel movements a day. Seriously, I am not kidding. If your bowels are impacted with waste it will be impossible to do an effective cleanse.

There are a myriad of Detox products on the market and I have done some of those. If it is more convenient for you to buy a ready made product than go for it . Just be careful that you are buying something good and not junk. My advice would be go to a health food store or Whole Foods. Buy something non gmo verified and organic. Don’t buy something from CVS or Walmart that you aren’t sure came from China and is loaded with more toxins and chemicals.

Personally, I don’t detox in that way anymore. I use:


Detox tea

Bentonite clay internally

Chlorella powder

Cilantro powder

Coffee enemas

Epson Salt baths with 10 drops of lavender essential oil

Fresh vegetable juices

Wheatgrass juice

Saunas, especially Infra red

Good old exercise and sweating!

Oregano oil if you want to do a parasite cleanse. Take for 30 days


Length of cleanse depends on level of toxicity and method used.  If you have never done a cleanse before I would suggest purchasing something and follow the instructions .


After you complete your cleanse, try and stay committed to your journey by doing a monthly cleanse and eating as clean as possible.


I cleanse on a regular basis, meaning I take charcoal, clay or chlorella anytime I feel like I need to.

Something I feel like I should mention is some people who have Mercury fillings have a problem with taking chlorella because it pulls heavy metals like Mercury. I have heard that it pulls the mercury from their teeth into the body making them feel very bad, alot like Mercury poisoning. I have mercury in my mouth but have never had this experience myself. Alot of people claim these fillings are safe, personally I do not and I have not gotten them put in my own children’s mouth and would never get any more in my own. It is my belief that these metals are bioaccumulative in the body and can make you very very ill. Alzheimer’s brains have been found to contain enormous amounts of aluminum, perhaps from everyday products like aluminum pans, aluminum cans, vaccines and aluminum foil. I mean think about the level of exposure we are subjected to and the FDA doesn’t recall any of these products to alert the public to the potential dangers. It is up to consumers to be aware of the dangers we face in order to protect ourselves and our families. We can no longer trust these government agencies to do that for us.

It isn’t unusual during your detox to feel flu like symptoms such as body aches, low grade fever or headache. This is normal, especially if you have never detoxed your body before. These are the toxins coming out and they should be encourage to, so do not stop the detox process if this occurs. I don’t experience this anymore and you wont either once you get cleaned up inside.

Best wishes to you in the coming New Year!

Namaste’, Bonnie






Natural Ways for Healing and Feeling Better


Medication injuries are on the rise and the FDA estimates 1.3 million Americans have substantial medical injuries caused by legal prescription drugs prescribed by a physician. These drugs are dangerous and physicians have no idea how they interact with each other.

Whats interesting is how we never hear about the deaths and injuries caused by the medical system on the news. However, if deaths occurred from say Marijuana , its all over the news! “Guy jumps out of window after eating edibles” ….Completely demonizing a plant! Where are the news reports about the medical mistakes that cause death every year? Where are the reports of prescription drug deaths and injuries caused by vaccines? There are none, and for a reason! The media is meant to manipulate, not inform.

Healing our bodies is an important step to feeling better and not depending on medications. Sick people need drugs! Not healthy people! If you suffer from chronic headaches there is a reason. Taking Tylenol daily wont fix the root problem. If you are diagnosed with thyroid disease and millions are. Why not find out why and fix that instead of taking a synthetic hormone for the rest of your life or iradiating your thyroid to slow production of the hormone. YIKES! If a doctor tells you that your body requires a certain medication for the rest of your life, you should question them. Most hypothyroid disease diagnosed in this country could be caused by Estrogen, Adrenal stress, Iodine deficiency or lifestyle choices. The important thing to remember about both, is they are autoimmune diseases.

As I’ve spoken about in previous blog posts, doctors are not really looking for the reason the thyroid isn’t working correctly. They just address the low or high production of T3 or T4 that shows up on blood work. “Thyroid hormones are derivatives of the amino acid tyrosine bound covalently to iodine.” Basically without the correct balance of iodine your thyroid wont work correctly. Patients being treated for hypothyroid disease are told to not take Iodine. Patients being treated for hyper are giving radio active Iodine or radiation therapy directly on their thyroid to decrease production of the thyroid hormone being overproduced.

If we want to heal our bodies, we must recognize that taking a drug from a doctor will not accomplish that. Taking radiation will not accomplish that either. The body doesn’t heal from synthetic drugs, they don’t work that way. Hospitals don’t heal, they manage sick people for profit! Healing our bodies takes time and there is no magic pill any doctor is going to give you in order for that to happen.

When we spend years creating our sickness, it may take years to reverse it depending on our commitment to that journey. If we spend years polluting our body with poisonous drugs, alcohol, processed fast foods, Gmo foods and pesticide laden produce it’s going to take sometime to detox and heal from all that. Everybody is different, toxins get into our muscle tissue, blood, brain and every cell in our bodies. Parasites could be invading that space as well, wreaking havoc on our health. The first thing a body needs to begin the healing process is a good cleanse, a full body detox as well as parasitic. Change your diet to clean wholesome foods and vegetable juices daily to feed the under nourished system and brain. Have a viral panel done by a doctor, preferably a non conventional doctor, meaning Natropathic or chiropractor. Refuse all vaccinations, clean your environment up by choosing non toxic cleaners in the home and add house plants that clean the air .

After that is complete, begin by taking whole food supplements , Chlorella and Clays to rid the system of heavy metals. Eat only clean meats without hormones, antibiotics and that were not fed GMO grains.

Stop drinking dairy that contains bovine growth hormones, and that’s Most dairy sold in stores, if it isnt Organic. Stop Soda and fast food forever! it is easier to do if you give it up completely, than say every once in a while. Those foods are toxic and addictive. Plus, No toxic substance is good at any level taken.  If you continue to use the excuse you needed it because you were busy etc. You will always find an excuse to stop in a fast food restaurant. Get in the habit of packing food when you leave the house, grapes, an apple or banana. Its all about changing habits toward success.

I have no doubt that most of the reason people are sick and suffering diseases like autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes are caused by external or internal  environmental reasons. By consuming the wrong foods, toxic foods. By lifestyle choices, sedentary lifestyle choices. By taxing the body with chemical drugs, that includes prescription and over the counter drugs. By introducing foreign DNA and heavy metals via vaccinations. By the overuse of antibiotics, which destroy the gut microbiome and the immune system. These things cause illness and disease, you dont have to be a doctor to know this.

About 4 years ago I cleaned out all drugs from our home. No more children’s Tylenol, no more adult Tylenol for that matter. No over the counter medications no RX drugs, all of it Gone! Did you know Tylenol is the most dangerous drug around? Its true and doctors prescribe it to be used long term all the time! Trusting your doctor is dangerous!

I began building a healthy medicine cabinet. I made a Turmeric tincture for pain and inflamation. We also use Arnica for pain, a natural plant that grows in higher elevations with beautiful yellow blooms. I keep Colloidal Silver 500PPM on hand at all times, it is antiviral, antibacterial as well as antifungal. I make Elderberry syrup, it boosts the immune system and is great for kids colds. I keep zinc lozenges on hand to fight colds too. I make a Stinging Nettle tincture for allergies because its a natural antihistamine and Benadryl is very dangerous and can lead to Dementia.  There is an alternative product that is safe and effective for every dangerous drug sold. Its all about changing habits. How do I know? because I was at one time like most people in this country. I was using unsafe dangerous drugs for myself and my family. But no more, I have woken up!

Lets talk about some of the most commonly suffered conditions and chronic diseases that plague a large percentage of this country and what alternatives there are available.

Anxiety and Stress: Valerian Root ,Passion Flower, B Vitamins, Spirulina, Skullcap

I personally use a Valerian Root tincture I make. Making tinctures is so easy. You place the root or herb in a mason jar and cover it with high grade potato vodka. Give it a shake every so often during the 8 weeks it is soaking.

8 weeks for roots and 6 weeks for leafy herb.There is a ton of information regarding making tinctures online.

Herbal tinctures using plants were our medicines up until about 100 years ago when conventional medicine came on the scene. This new medicine is just that New medicine. The old ways are not lost, just forgotten by so many. Our grandparents used to dish out Cod liver oil to all their kids, we should be doing that as well. Good fats are something that has been demonized as bad for us and cause heart disease. The fact of the matter is, they are not. Vegetable oils like Corn and Soy are the worst but they push them as heart healthy. They are NOT! Unrefined oil like coconut, olive and sustainable red palm oil are my favorites. I eat coconut oil like ice cream. Taking teaspoons throughout my day in hopes that I consume 2 tablespoons eat day. Plus I cook with it all day as well.  We make all our meals at home and rarely eat out. We do have a few places in town that are 100% Organic and clean so if we do want to indulge, we go there.

Sleep Problems: Sleep disturbances are caused by an imbalance in the body, find the imbalance and your sleep will improve. Tranquilizing the body wont fix the imbalance, it will create more imbalance by introducing a chemical drug that changes physiology unnaturally.

People have side effects from these drugs that are so mind blowing. The only reason I can gather of why they haven’t pulled these drugs from use is that the FDA is being payed off to not. In my opinion, anyone who still trusts the FDA is not paying attention.–2GkbmgQXX7f07G6o6acJTh7vuW2RdOW1K65QjsDE0z2dphoCBJsQAvD_BwE

Hops: Hops is a great relaxant and is very effective for sleep. Soak your Hops flowers, at least a few ounces and in Vodka for 6 weeks. Strain your liquid from the plant and use 2 dropper fulls and see how it goes. Take a little more if needed.

I have a very sensitive CNS (central nervous system) turning the wifi off at my house at night helped my sleep ALOT! Using a stone of shungite helped too. It may sound strange to some but stones absorb energies. Shungite is all carbon with big spaces only visible under a microscope. A small piece of it can be used in a water bottle to filter tap water etc. It shields Electro magnetic frequencies (EMF’s) that interfere with the bodies energy system. Remember we are more Energy than Matter! We are bathed in EMFs all day by all the wifi waves everywhere we go. These emf’s bother me personally, and it took me sometime to figure it out. Some people are more sensitive than others. Children should be protected because their skull is thinner than adults. Fact of the matter is our government has zero idea how this will affect us long term. So what do they do? Instead of doing studies on the effects, they want to bring in more powerful 5G! This to me is INSANITY! Smart meters too! Never allow a smart meter near your home! We have got to fight this!

I keep pyramids of this shungite stone in front of my wifi router and our family wears pendant necklaces of it during the day, it is very economical and easy to find online.

High Blood Pressure: Doctors are prescribing drugs for this to almost everyone, and instead of asking the patient if they are experiencing stress in their lives they jump to give a chemical drug. HBP is an adaptive response to an outside stimuli OR another medical issue. I personally have never heard of a doctor addressing these causes. Perhaps its because they only have 7 minutes to talk to you. When I see my natropathic, I can pay for 15, 30 or 45 min depending on my need. Doctors cannot diagnose anything in 7 minutes! Address the cause of the stressers or underlying cause perhaps overly viscous blood and your HBP will improve.

These can help regulate blood pressure naturally:


Holy basil/Tulsi


Flax seeds

Cholesterol lowering drugs:  Now if you ask me, these drugs are some of the most dangerous drugs we have people taking right now. Statins are what they are calling them and if you hear your doctor say you need them, run as fast as you can! They cause all kinds of side effects like depression because they affect the brain. Your brain is fats and cholesterol, you dont want to lower the cholesterol in your brain or you could end up with dementia. Also, the body uses cholesterol for all kinds of functions! It is a building block and it is very necessary!

“Cholesterol strengthens cell walls, helps the body digest fat, and serves as a building block for hormones. The human liver makes its own cholesterol, and animal-derived foods are a dietary source. In the liver, cholesterol molecules bind to protein molecules to form lipoproteins that can travel through the bloodstream.”

The only doctors in the world that lower cholesterol are conventional doctors in the United States! Its all about money, not your health. If they can lower your cholesterol they got you! Because you will have other problems too caused by these drugs blocking natural processes in the body. You will become sicker and more valuable to them. Do your own research, and don’t buy into it.  Cholesterol does NOT clog arteries. Its a lie!

I have tried to tell family and friends this but they don’t believe me. They believe their corrupt doctor who is a puppet for big pharma. Its such a shame, and to have to watch people you care about destroying their health is hard. People just don’t understand and they don’t want to take the time to find the truth.


Depression: “You must have a serotonin deficiency, caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain. You must take this chemical drug with a long list of side effects to help that “…claims most doctors

Herbs used: St Johns Wort, used in Europe for most mood disorders and is highly efective. One thing about using herbs that people complain about is they dont work fast enough, compared to RX drugs. Plants need to be allowed to get into the system. It has been my experience that after a month I can see beneficial changes in myself. Understanding that these plants work with the bodies innate immune/ healing system and not just suppress an area of the brain. Suppressing an area of the brain wont correct anything, all it does is manage a symptom. Not curing anything at all.

Dietary triggers: Sugar especially Fructose suppresses a key growth hormone called BDNF. BDNF is critically low in depressed people.

Deficienct in B Vitamins


Lack of Sunlight

Environmental Stressers: Financial troubles, negative relationships, Job challenges, Poor diet with nutritional and mineral deficiencies, lack of excersize.

Hormone Imbalance: 

Maca, a root from South America


Mood and hormone balance:  “Hormone balance is key to regulating sexual function, mood regulation, disease prevention, and much more. Maca’s ability to balance hormones is often credited to its stimulation of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. It may be the phytonutrients contained in maca that work to balance the endocrine system.”

Colds and Flu: Colds and Flu can easily be kept at bay or minimized by using these key supplements. First and foremost strengthen the gut flora and the immune system. Without that you are toast. Good probiotics daily are essential and necessary to keep yourself from catching any bugs you come in contact with. Taking antibiotics destroys that! I know people who use antibiotics so frequently and they actually wonder why they get sick all the time. They ruined their microbiome, that’s why. They have zero protection against anything!

Vitamin D: Especially in Winter

Vitamin C

Lysine: Great at combating the Flu virus and other viruses.

Elderberries: like my syrup strengthens immunity

Colloidal Silver: Great for boosting Immunity OR fighting nasty colds and Flu. Short term use is recommended. Meaning do not use this on a long term basis.

In Conclusion: 

It has been a long journey for me but I can honestly say I have Never felt better! Changing my lifestyle to incorporate wholesome foods, mineral and nutritional supplements, fresh juices and herbal plant medicines has been phenomenal. I practice Yoga everyday and have for the past 2 years and I see extraordinary changes in my body. I also walk everyday with my 157 pound Newfoundland. Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit is the key to a healthy life, it is all connected. Removing ourselves from toxic situations and people as well, so that we can place ourselves and our healing journey first and foremost in our lives.

Much Love, Bonnie





The Overuse of Prescription and Over The Counter Drugs

A 2014 study in JAMA Psychiatry found 75 percent of heroin users in treatment started with painkillers, and a 2015 analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that people who are addicted to painkillers are 40 times more likely to be addicted to heroin.”

The overuse and misuse of certain drugs in our country is plaguing peoples health.  They aren’t becoming healthier no matter how many times their doctor tells them they are. People take medications for everything you can think of. Doctors prescribe dangerous acne drugs like Accutane (isotretinoin) to unsuspecting teens that cause kidney damage.

Over used pain relievers, like Tylenol and Advil are prescribed by doctors for long term daily use! That blows my mind personally! I know someone who takes alot of these to manage pain. Wouldn’t it make more sense to get to the root of the pain? Perhaps its nerve pain and can be easily relieved by a chiropractor adjustment. Nerve pain is commonly misdiagnosed by conventional doctors.

Go to a doctor suffering panic attacks or anxiety like me and they will write you a scrip for xanax so quick it will leave your head spinning. As I mentioned before, those drugs never helped me or anyone else I know with anxiety. I also know people who became dependent on them too. Its a very sad scenario for sure. People trust their doctors only to become addicts.

The sick care in this country is not creating healthier people, that is obvious. The drugs I am referring to above destroy the immune system and contain chemicals and metals like aluminum that destroy the brain. When will people wake up and realize, “I don’t feel better?” They are on multiple drugs and they don’t feel better.

I am 50 years old and like most people I tried conventional medicine for a portion of my life. I , like many have given up on chemical drugs that manage symptoms and don’t heal anything. I started looking closer at how flawed this system of sick care is. Treating life threatening diseases with toxic chemicals and prescribing drugs with side effects as serious as DEATH and people are voluntarily taking them!

I do believe we have some of the best trauma care in this world and if you get in a bad car accident they will be able to help you. The sad thing is, that if you end up in the hospital for whatever reason, I heard they are vaccinating even adults like crazy! So be careful! Never leave a love one un-attended in a hospital, because when you do they could be vulnerable to procedures you otherwise would decline. Just because you are in a hospital or a doctors office doesn’t mean they know whats best for you or your loved one. It is up to each individual to be proactive in our healthcare.

Our society has become so dependent on chemical drugs its nothing more than a drug addicted society, legal or otherwise. Most people have zero idea what effects these drugs have on their health long term. Humans are the sickest species on the planet, that is not difficult to see. “60 percent of American adults now live with at least one chronic condition; 42 percent have more than one.”  People are so trusting of their doctors they follow head shaking recommendations as if they were a demi god of some kind. If a doctor told me I needed to rip out my colon for polyps they weren’t even sure were cancerous, I would tell him to go somewhere south and hot.

92% of colons have been removed unnecessarily. Surgery makes them money, plain and simple!  “Better safe than sorry”…Famous words by a stupid doctor.

I don’t get along well with doctors and dentists anymore. They all assume we are brainwashed sheep who will do and take anything they suggest. A dental hygienist suggested I use “Listerine”. My response, was “Uh NO!” She wanted to know why? I said, “Benzoic acid and 26.9% Alcohol”, that’s why! I am not stupid, I know putting alcohol in my body is poison and benzoic acid if inhaled causes damage to the central nervous system. Shut her up real quick 😉 Do you know how many people use this product and dangerous products like this everyday assuming they are safe because the FDA approved them. FDA approval means nothing these days, due to the fact that they have been corrupted by so many corporations. Time to wake up folks.

80% of RX drugs taken in this country are produced in China or India. How much regulation do you think is occurring in those factories? The FDA is then responsible for making certain those drugs are safe after entering this country. Considering how many drugs are taken in this country, you can imagine how many are being imported. If you think the FDA is testing and screening every one, you are wrong! That would take way more man power than the FDA actually has. In reality the FDA doesn’t work to protect the people anymore, they work to facilitate corporations profits; no matter how dangerous the products are. These drugs are not safe plain and simple. If they were, tens of thousands of people wouldn’t be dying from them every year.

The fact of the matter is this system doesn’t work! Healing the body with whole foods and whole food supplements does! Children with severe Autism have tremendous strides after dietary changes and supplementation. Same with MS and RA patients. Dietary supplementation, good fats like fish oils and minerals is the answer! Not steroids, not anti inflammatory drugs, not Xanax, not Statins to lower cholesterol! Your brain is Fat and Cholesterol! why would you want to dry it up? This will cause problems like depression and dementia.

Nature was created to provide a plant for everything that ails us. That is why animals know what plants to go to and consume when they are sick. Do they require high blood pressure medication when a predator is chasing them? No….Because HBP is an adaptation to a circumstance happening in our surroundings. The body is adapting to whatever stress is occurring. When the stress leaves, the BP goes down. Why do doctors not look for what is causing the HBP and repair that problem? HBP could be an indication that something else is occurring. For instance the blood is too viscous making the heart work harder to move the blood through the body. Slippery blood moves easier through the body, taxing the heart less. Bingo! You don’t have to be a doctor for that to make sense 😀 I am not saying this is everyones cause of HBP , but this example is just that, an example.

RX drugs make this medical machine money, healthy people don’t. First and foremost doctors are supposed to heal and not cause harm. They took an oath when they became doctors to do this! What has happened to the ethical practice of medicine? It has been highjacked by corrupt pharmaceutical companies who make huge donations to medical schools allowing them seats on the board of directors and the ability to manipulate curriculum. Teaching doctors only allopathic medicine with barely any nutrition instruction. They are taught to demonize chiropractors and alternative modalities of healing, placing themselves as the almighty healers of this society. Creating a box and limiting themselves to predominately chemical treatments.

“How do you know all this stuff?”…Is what I have had people who question what I am saying ask me. I tell them I research ALOT! I don’t watch mindless TV in my free time, I mean why would I? That’s the fastest way to stupidity and brainwashing I have ever seen. TV was created to manipulate and distract and it is full of propaganda. Tell these TV people everything is frequency and vibration, and they look at you with their Fluoride stare. 😀



Learning about health and healing plants has been an exciting journey for me. Plants and superfoods are extraordinary healers! Native cultures and tribes from areas of the amazon have never suffered from chronic diseases as our society does. This food, our sedentary lifestyle, stress and toxic medicines are creating a pandemic of disease. Changing that lifestyle will change your health in tremendous ways. Having energy, sleeping well and feeling genuinely GOOD are all side effects of these lifestyle changes!

In my next Blog, I would like to begin discussing alternatives to prescribed and over the counter drugs. I would like to encourage everyone to start looking for answers on their own, not just from their doctor. Research what medicines you are taking and know what is in them, their side effects and long term effects. Do not depend on your doctor to keep you healthy or safe. It is our responsibility to take a proactive approaches to our own healthcare, not sickcare! Healthy eating, exercise, positive thinking and get outside in the sun, especially in winter! Take alternatives to dangerous drugs and I promise you, they are out there.

Superfoods, herbs, mineral and nutritional supplements will heal the body and repair damage. Poor health is not a deficiency of a chemical drug, but it could be as simple as a nutritional deficiency of some kind. A toxin overload on the system or not getting proper nerve supply to areas of the body.

Happy Healing

Blessings, Bonnie


Long Term Nutritional and Mineral Deficiencies Cause Disease

November 29, 2017

Mineral deficiency is a lack of dietary minerals, the micronutrients that are needed for an organism’s proper health. The cause may be a poor diet, impaired uptake of the minerals that are consumed or a dysfunction in the organism’s use of the mineral after it is absorbed.”

Most people these days suffer from nutritional and mineral deficiencies due to poor diet and lack of minerals in our soils . Most eat meat that where fed GMO grains and are full of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. Their produce, when they do it eat it, is non organic. Some people still believe that organic is not truly organic and just a lie. Well I can assure you from personal experience that the USDA has very strict regulations for organic farmers. My husband and I looked into this further and what we found was more stringent than we could have ever imagined. The paperwork, the testing, the certification is enough to make people Not want to be organic farmers. It was overwhelming to say the least.

Eating poorly will deplete our vitamin and mineral stores. When we deplete our bodies of those our bodies begin to take it from our bones, teeth, muscle wherever it needs to and then our bodies break down into a diseased state. There are very little minerals in non organic produce because the soil is sterile from the pesticide use.  Factory farmed meat is more toxic than good for the body, not only because of how it is raised but also the way it is processed and handled before it makes it to the grocery stores.

Ive suffered from Anxiety in my life, sometimes it was worse than others. Ive taken RX drugs in the past and it didn’t help it just created side effects I couldn’t handle. Supplementing with minerals helped! My body was depleted of minerals not Xanax! As soon as I started taking minerals, and stayed on them, I felt better! Imagine that 🙂



What about Iodine deficiency? Iodine is eaten is large doses by Japanese women in the form of sea vegetables like Kelp. They have had almost no breast cancer in that country in the past., However, Fukushima may change all that and this is very sad indeed. The effects of Fukushima are far reaching and it is crucial to use iodine to protect the body from radiation of all kinds. I take it everyday…..Iodine is also needed for a healthy thyroid. Unfortunately, Iodized salt does Not contain iodine at all, but pink Himalayan salt does. Iodine deficiency is also a leading cause of low IQ in children.



Copper is a mineral found in the body. It helps your body make red blood cells and keeps nerve cells and your immune system healthy. It also helps form collagen, a key part of bones and connective tissue. Copper may also act as an antioxidant, reducing free radicals that can damage cells and DNA.



Iron is important in making red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body. A lack of iron can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Weakness, exhaustion, pale skin, missed periods are all symptoms of Iron deficiency. Women are more susceptible to this than men due to our monthly blood loss. Iron supplements can be hard on the body and cause constipation. I use Gaia or Floradix plant based Iron supplement that are made from plants. They are very gentle and do not hurt my stomach. If you do get constipated use magnesium or psylium husks, not laxatives. Also dairy will block the absorption of Iron so dont eat dairy for an hour before or after taking iron. Vitamin C will help the absorption, so remember to take it with some Vitamin C.

My Iron has been so low at times, these are comments I have received from doctors.

After I had my son my doctor said to me “How are you even sitting up in bed?”

My Natropath “I have never seen anyone with iron as low as yours”…..

My response both times was that I have become accustomed to feeling tired and sluggish. How horrible is that?! Just imagine what I could do if I was running full steam 😀


Most people are deficient in magnesium. Why? because everything is calcium enriched. Magnesium helped my anxiety as soon as I started taking it. Calcium and magnesium work together, they are like 2 sides of a coin. Magnesium drives calcium into teeth and bones where it is needed. If you take only calcium it can store in places it should not be, even your brain becomes “calcified”, your joints become calcified and stiff. Calcium revs up the body, magnesium slows it down. Its great for anxiousness, high blood pressure and constipation.



Selenium turns off cancer cells and who doesn’t want that?! Selenium is depleted from the soil and you need to supplement this mineral by eating Brazil nuts, 3 a day and you are golden. Asthma symptoms get worse if you are deficient in Selenium. Others include, brain fog, fatigue, weak immune system, fertility problems, hypothyroidism, and hair loss to name a few. Most people are now deficient in Selenium as well.


Potassium helps maintain the correct balance of fluid in the body as well as the right chemical balance of acids and bases. Potassium triggers muscle contractions, including heart muscle contractions. The balance of potassium with other electrolytes is the key to assessing optimal electrolyte function

Signs you could be deficient: Weakness, fatigue, muscle cramps, constipation.

Sources: Citrus fruits, apples, bananas, apricots, cantaloupe, potatoes (especially with the skin), tomatoes, spinach, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, beans, peas, and almonds.


Another problem with being low on minerals is, metals and other halides will invade that space where the mineral is supposed to be and wreak havoc on biological systems and that is what we are seeing now. Chlorine and bromine will attach to your thyroid blocking the receptor site for iodine. Chlorine is in all the water and bromine is in commercial baked goods. So you better be detoxing on a regular basis with bentonite clay and activated charcoal to remove them. Both are charged particles that attract metals and then they are removed through your bowel movements,  pretty simple!

Long term deficiencies like my anemia can put strain on the heart and cause other problems. I’ve decided to take a proactive approach to my anemia. Iron cannot be absorbed if B12 isn’t abundant in the body. Minerals also have a difficult time being absorbed if our stomach and intestines are damaged from gluten, gmo foods and pesticides. Non celiac gluten intolerance could be a problem for millions and they dont even know it! Repairing the gut and small intestine may help me absorb nutrients better. Something a doctor never even suggested.

The bottom line is nutritional deficiencies cause disease. Eating a diet of processed foods will only make it worse. They are nutritionally void and contain very little if any minerals that are capable of being absorbed by the body. Iron shavings cannot be absorbed by the body but they are in some cereals claiming to be fortified with Iron.  Fortified with Iron shavings that is.

One thing that is important to remember, all supplements are NOT created equal. If you buy cheap supplements, they may contain ingredients that cannot be absorbed or used by the body. Buy good vitamins or dont waste your money.

I Only buy supplements at a health food store that I trust, from my natropathic doctor or a natural doctors website online.  Nutraceuticals are great for healing the body and keeping it in optimal health.

Lastly, Low acid stomachs from taking too many antacids can cause mineral absorption to be blocked. Antacids and other RX drugs taken long term for heartburn and indigestion is the worst thing you could do for your body. It wont repair or fix anything, It only manages the symptoms. Antacids destroy the immune system, cause lung infections and contain aluminum! If you are taking aluminum daily you will destroy your brain too.

You will probably be surprised what natural doctors are suggesting for this problems. Wink 😉

Happy Healing!









Viruses in Vaccines

It is a well known fact among the alternative medical community that vaccines contain dangerous ingredients. Not just heavy metals like mercury and aluminum, but foreign DNA and viruses that turn on other diseases as well.

How do I know this? Over the past 25 years I have been interested in health and wellness. The past 11 years I have spent attempting to understand why my son had developmental delays as well as oral sensory delays and couldn’t eat solid food. Granted, these arent terribly uncommon, especially these days. But why? why have our children become so sick and damaged? When I was a kid there were very few special needs kids in schools, now they need entire classrooms or multiple to accommodate them.

After my son was born, I spent years in therapies with him. I was proactive in changing his diet completely and restricted his chemical exposures to plastics etc as much as possible. I stopped vaccinating him also because I felt a child with even mild neurological problems shouldn’t be exposed to vaccines. We have been asked to not return to pediatricians offices in the past because of this fact. I happily obliged her due to the fact that if a doctor assumes my son is a threat to her vaccinated patients, I would not want my son cared for by someone so ignorant. I began taking him to a natural doctor in my town and we haven’t looked back since.

We completely overhauled our lives. I started supplementing his limited diet and gave him lots of probiotics.  He spent a few summers in a Brainfirst therapy program until he was released from therapy at 8 years old. 8 years it took me to get him well and I still feel he has some work to do. But all in all he is a great kid, a great student and very artistically talented.


Ok, thats my back story and what sparked my interest in learning more about vaccines. What a rabbit hole that is!

Now let me tell you a little about my viruses,the ones in my body rolling around from vaccines. My viruses are EBV epstein barr/Mono and Herpes. Both I believe I contracted from a vaccine. Let me back up a minute and tell you why I feel vaccines created my vitiligo first. Vaccines contain foreign proteins and DNA from both animals and other humans. Our bodies respond to that by creating an immune response and attacking those foreign proteins. This type of immune response and this repeated attack on our bodies via vaccines causes autoimmune diseases like Vitiligo, RA, MS and so on……Autoimmune diseases have become an epidemic of their own. We have alot of epidemics and wars on disease in this country too. Why is that? when the medical machine claims to be the best in the world? Claims people are living longer than ever. Perhaps, If they say it enough people will begin to believe it and they do. But all I see, are people sicker than ever and I know you do too.

After learning that environmental exposure to toxins in our food and water can trigger these viruses I wanted to learn how I can keep them at bay.  I am rarely sick, I havent had a cold in 3 years. I have people tell me “I am the healthiest person they know”. However, I still suffer from a few medical issues like anemia, and my autoimmune disorder. Most days I feel great and have alot of energy, but that takes work. Meaning I never drink soda, ever! I never eat fast food, Ever! no excuses! Our family packs food everywhere we go. My favorite snack is grapes and a few months ago we went gluten free also. I take supplements, eat chia seeds everyday, take herbs, juice every chance I get. One cup of coffee in the morning and that is it, NO Starbucks ever! I try not to go over my 25g of sugar a day, that is the RDA for women. I believe the reason people feel bad is because they have ruined their bodies with the horrible food they eat and its addictive, very addictive. I didn’t always live like this, so I know how hard it can be to change. However baby steps over time is the best way to make lasting changes. Unfortunately, some people dont have that much time. Some people need to change now in order to save their lives!

Ok, so back to the viruses. I realizes this topic is loaded and very emotional for many. But we should be respectful of others beliefs and rise above name calling. If you believe vaccinating is right for you and your family that is your right. If you believe it isn’t, that is your right as well. There is no logical evidence that proves an un-vaccinated child or person is a threat to a vaccinated ,that is all propaganda. If someone says you are a threat to their vaccinated child, just take that comment for what its worth. Ignorance is bliss for many :). The fact is, recently vaccinated people are contagious for up to 3 weeks, shedding and infecting people around them.

During my research I have found some very disturbing information. Information that has been hidden from the public for decades. People need to step away from their TVs and get informed. You have all the information available to you, yet we are some of the most misinformed people on the planet. Learning how to decipher between reality and non reality is not our strongest asset now days. People are more inclined to believe what they are being told on their TV because when we are bombarded by so much news and information 24/7 a day it just gets too overwhelming. It appears to me that this is exactly what they want. Uninformed people that believe what they are fed on TV. Now dont get me wrong, there is plenty of misinformation online too. It is also difficult and time consuming to wade through all of it. But when you are a mom on a mission to find answers, you make that time.

Here are some disturbing facts I found:

The information below came from the package insert and is for the MMR vaccine. Scroll down to the adverse reactions section and read it when you use the link I provided above.

Live measles vaccine and live mumps vaccine are produced in chick embryo cell culture.”  Source: FDA Website

The risk of serious neurological disorders following live measles virus vaccine, one for every thousand reported” FDA Website

“Encephalitis; encephalopathy; measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE) (see
CONTRAINDICATIONS); subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE); Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS);acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM); transverse myelitis; febrile convulsions; afebrileconvulsions or seizures; ataxia; polyneuritis; polyneuropathy; ocular palsies; paresthesia.
Encephalitis and encephalopathy have been reported approximately once for every 3 million doses ofM-M-R II or measles-, mumps-, and rubella-containing vaccine administered since licensure of these vaccines.” FDA 

“Cases of aseptic meningitis have been reported to VAERS following measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination. Although a causal relationship between the Urabe strain of mumps vaccine and aseptic meningitis has been shown, there is no evidence to link Jeryl Lynn™ mumps vaccine to aseptic meningitis.” FDA

Death has also occurred, but they claim it is rare.

These examples I offered above are only some of what the MMR insert states about the safety of this vaccine. Other vaccine inserts are also available on the FDA website.

Next lets look at the Hepatitis B vaccine.


First let us look at the box it comes in and read the ingredients.

Human Cell Culture“….HUMAN, not chickens, humans. As if the chicken culture wasnt disturbing enough. Where do they get the human cultures for this, I asked myself. Trust me, you don’t want to know because that opens up another rabbit hole. Aborted fetal tissue was the answer I found. No longer will the US need to buy aborted fetal tissue from Sweden to create their vaccines.

“Aluminum”, a neurotoxin

“Formaldehyde”, used to preserve cadavers.

Also, let us not forget that they give this to newborns in the hospital.

Now lets us look at the warnings:

Nervous System Disorders
“Guillain-Barré syndrome; multiple sclerosis; exacerbation of multiple sclerosis; myelitis including transverse myelitis; seizure; febrile seizure; peripheral neuropathy including Bell’s Palsy; radiculopathy;herpes zoster; migraine; muscle weakness; hypesthesia; encephalitis”

Skin and Subcutaneous Disorders
“Stevens-Johnson syndrome; alopecia; petechiae; eczema”

Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Disorders
“Pain in extremity”

Blood and Lymphatic System Disorders
“Increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate; thrombocytopenia
Psychiatric Disorders
Irritability; agitation; somnolence
Eye Disorders
Optic neuritis; tinnitus; conjunctivitis; visual disturbances; uveitis
Cardiac Disorders
Syncope; tachycardia”

Many people are not aware that the vaccine industry is not liable for any death or adverse reactions caused by the damage their products do. What type of country do we live in where manufacturers of products are not held responsible for their actions? One ruled by greed and profits that’s what.


It is a fact that this country has a vaccine injury court through which individuals who have been caused harm by these vaccines can file a court claim. Billions have been paid out to vaccine injured people or deaths caused by vaccines. If they are so safe why are so many people having issues with them? So many parents just like myself deal with the ridicule from pro vaccine people , when we ultimately vaccinated our kids out of blind ignorance. Just because one person gets vaccinated and doesn’t have a reaction doesn’t mean that others wont either. That is like saying cigarettes do not cause lung cancer because you personally didn’t get it and smoked for 50 years. Everyone’s genetic makeup is different, what affects one person may not affect the next. Something many folks do not understand.

Vaccines contain foreign DNA from humans or other animals like monkeys. Examples include  SV-40 and the Polio vaccine for instance. .

They also contain toxic ingredients and viruses other than the one the vaccine is ultimately meant to build an immunity too. I believe my viruses like Epstein Barr/Mono may be a consequence of a vaccine I received as a child and something environmental triggered the virus and it expressed itself. Just like the MS and encephalitis caused by the vaccines above. It could also be triggered by a weak immune system, poor diet or some environmental exposure like getting another vaccine.

A Herpes vaccination is on the horizon, so if you don’t have the herpes virus in your body yet they want to be certain you do have it. These viruses cause diseases in our body, like MS, RA and autoimmune diseases. All of which are sky rocketing in our country. It doesn’t take a PHD to see what is happening here.

“Every Human Vaccine Tested Was Contaminated by Unsafe Levels of Metals and Debris Linked to Cancer and Autoimmune Disease, New Study Reports.”

So many people are suffering due to these vaccines, however many people still  feel they are safe because they haven’t experienced a problem or know someone close to them who has. It is obvious to me what is right for one person is not right for another. What is safe for many is not safe for all. We have a medical system that bases health on homeostasis. If your blood pressure is at their established “Normal”, you are good. If your blood sugar is at their normal you don’t need their meds. But if you are out of range in anything, they will suggest a chemical drug to get you in their range of homeostasis. Again, you don’t have to have a PHD to understand how flawed this concept is.

Knowing what viruses we carry will help us create optimal health in our bodies. It allows us to take more control over our own health. By knowing this valuable information we can supplement, change our diet and minimize our exposure to triggers that can ultimately turn these viruses back on creating havoc in our bodies. My suggestion, is never ever put foreign anything in your body! I recently had oral surgery. The dentist wrote me 3 prescriptions, Motrin, Penicillin and Vicodin. I didn’t even fill them because I knew I wouldn’t take them. They are poison AND the Vicodin is an opiate and very addictive! We may not be doctors, but if you ask me we should be questioning everything they do and want us to take.

In Conclusion:

My reason behind bringing these topics up is because people need to be aware. Also we all need to be informed about which viruses are in our bodies and which ones can become active in turning on different cancers and autoimmune disorders. Knowing this will allow us to treat ourselves with whole food supplements in order to keep them from becoming active. Virus panels can be done at some Chiropractors offices or Natropathic doctors office. I personally take Lysine to keep my herpes simplex virus sleeping . Millions of people have the herpes virus and lysine is the best way I have found to treat it. People are so deficient in minerals, and more due to our depleted soils and processed foods. Supplementation is crucial, even for someone who eats as clean as I do.

Peace and Love, Bonnie

Divers Health Services video lectures are available on Youtube. Very informative concerning viruses.





Chlorella is one of the best Superfoods on the planet in my humble opinion.


Chlorella is a single celled green algae that contains chlorophyll and is used as a nutritional supplement. Chlorella offers a host of  health benefits that truly make it a superfood.

A 1-ounce (3 tbsp) serving of chlorella contains:
  • Protein—16g.
  • Vitamin A—287% RDA.
  • Vitamin B2—71% RDA.
  • Vitamin B3—33% RDA.
  • Iron—202% RDA.
  • Magnesium—22% RDA.
  • Zinc—133% RDA.

Wow! Wow! Wow!


Chlorella is and has been used for thousands of years, however it has been around for millions! I use chlorella as well and have for a long time.  I use it for Iron,  an internal deodorizer and to remove heavy metals.  Our bodies are full of metals, some more than others. Many do not realize how they can adversely effect our health. Some people I know have been very sick from metals building up in their tissues. When they removed them a tremendous difference was felt and great improvement in symptoms and overall health ensued.

Chlorella is great for stomach issues and conditions like Crohn’s disease, Colitis and Diverticulitis. Taking Chlorella increases good bacteria in the intestines to improve digestion. Some people use Chlorella to treat stress related ulcers, constipation, bad breath , hypertension, reducing radiation side effects and boosting the immune system.

As I mentioned above my personal experience with Chlorella has been with treating my Iron deficiency. I also didn’t eat meat for 15 years and used it for supplementing protein. Chlorella is high in both Iron and Protein. There are other forms of algae that are also very beneficial . Spirulina is one and it is often confused with Chlorella, but it is a Blue Green Algae. I am going to wait and dedicate another blog post to Spirulina so we can get into all the health benefits of it as well.

There is so much misleading information on conventional medical websites concerning the effectiveness of nutritional supplements like chlorella. Let us all try and remember that this conventional medical machine that we have in our country has an agenda to push synthetic prescription drugs that don’t cure anything. These drugs actually make us sicker because the chemicals in them are not good for our brains or bodies. Chlorella can boost your immune system, the medical system doesn’t want that, they want you sick. Because sick people make them money, not healthy people. No matter how much money people throw at Susan G Komen, they still haven’t found a cure for breast cancer. Why? because if they did they wouldn’t be receiving all these donations etc. I don’t know about you but it infuriates and saddens me that more people cannot and refuse to wake up to this madness. People are sicker than ever, but this system wants you to believe we are living longer than ever and that is not fact at all. We have 17% of our children in special needs classes in schools due mostly to vaccine damage. Yet most parents still cannot wake up to this fact. We have more people being diagnosed with cancers everyday, all because of this criminal food and medical system.

Nutritionally dense foods, exercise ,sunlight,positive thinking and supplements are what our bodies need to thrive. Our family no longer sees conventional doctors and we havent for years due to the non stop pushing of poisons and their arrogant attitudes. Part of my intention for this blog is to help spread information on natural healing , therefore allowing people to choose what modality is best for them. If you dont have a Natural Doctor in your area there are some you can actually have remote skype appointments with. The doctor has you go have certain blood panels done, you send them to him and he then can see what the body requires for a healing path to begin.

Randy Tent at Diverse Health Services in Novi Michigan is offering these services.

I would like to also discuss viruses that enter our bodies via vaccines. This is a very complex topic that many are not even aware of .  I myself are battling Herpes Simplex and Mono. Mono is now called Epstein Barr to confuse us, that I am convinced I received in a vaccine as a child. These viruses turn on autoimmune disorders which I have in the form of Vitiligo. They turn on cancers and many other diseases also. The key, I have found is to keep them dormant and inactive but that takes work. Meaning keeping toxins from food, water and any environmental exposure  out of our bodies. It also means taking supplements like Lysine to turn of herpes in the gut.  If you aren’t aware of these viruses and how they can migrate into the spinal cord and travel up to the brain causing life threatening conditions like Encephalitis, you should be. Most of the damage the vaccine does is worse than the actually contracting the illness that it is designed to prevent. The bottom line is vaccines cause an immune response in the body, that is what they were designed to do. But say you are given 69 shots before the age 18 and all those created an immune response in the body by attacking all the foreign antibodies they contain. This must be why most people have some form of autoimmune disease and are riddled with inflammation that causes disease. As I got further down this rabbit hole researching this topic it became clearer and clearer to me that this is mass genocide. What will our future hold when a large portion of male children riddled with autism become adults, most unable to function as working productive males because our medical system ruined their chances of having a normal life?

We have got to start questioning our doctors suggestions. We have got to take more responsibility for our own health and healing and stop putting all our faith in this failed medical system. You cannot eat meat that is from factory farms, non organic gmo produce, drink soda and eat fast food and expect to feel good or expect the doctor to give you a magic pill to fix all the damage you have done. It doesn’t work like that, but they want you to think it does. If a doctor prescribes synthetic estrogen to you for 30 years and you take this recommendation only to later be diagnosed with breast cancer, you have some responsibility to question whether this is treatment is safe and appropriate or not. Just because a doctor recommends it doesn’t mean its right or even good for you. It is however our own personal responsibility to make certain it is……..Question and research everything! 🙂

Wishing you all a Wonderful Holiday Weekend

Much Love, Bonnie





What is a Superfood?


So before we get moving forward I thought it would be fun and helpful to talk about what a superfood is. Superfoods have been getting alot of attention lately even though they have been around forever. They just seem to be gaining alot of air time in the last few year because of the fact they have been deemed a “superfood”. Which is nothing more than a nutritionally dense food or plant that offers exceptional health and healing benefits along with minerals.

Here are some examples of superfoods:

Avocados                                   Chlorella                           Raw chocolate

Blueberries                              Spirulina                              Tumeric

Kale                                          Reishi mushrooms               Foti

Honey                                     Chaga mushrooms                Maca

Coconut oil                             Goji Berries                      Moringa

These are just a few ….If you have a personal experience with a superfood or herb you would like to introduce and share info on please feel free to do so. I would love to hear about everyone’s experiences as well.


Healing our bodies with food and plants just makes sense to me. Our current medical system doesn’t address healing, it manages symptoms but it doesn’t repair the problem. More and more people I talk with are beginning to understand there is a big difference. Our current medical system has its place, but I personally feel it is failing us when it comes to chronic diseases and preventative care. Our trauma care is some of the best in the world but the AMA is missing the mark big time. We have heard them ridicule other modalities of healing such as chiropractic care or even acupuncture without completely understanding the mind body spirit connection. One modality of healing may not be effective for every patient, unfortunately that is what is being practiced by these doctors. Cookie cutter prescription drugs, surgeries and cancer treatments. Healing is not one size fits all …….What works for one person may not work for others.

Lets take my journey with chronic anemia for example. Doctors always prescribed Iron supplements that never worked to rebuild my blood. I kept wondering why? Why wasn’t the Iron working? I began listening to a Chiropractor talk about gluten sensitivity and how it blocks the absorption of nutrients. Gluten destroys the “Villi” in the small intestine, making absorption very difficult. Also I found that if  I cant absorb B12, I cant absorb Iron. Ok, why didn’t a doctor tell me this? Because doctors aren’t taught about nutrition. Some might be thinking, oh baloney! Doctors are taught allopathic medicine and pharmacology. They learn how to treat you with prescription drugs. Believe it or not most medical schools have a board of directors filled with pharmaceutical people. They make big donations to schools in order to secure board seats and manipulate curriculum. Insurance companies also do not cover naturopathic doctors or the services for healing they provide. Making it very hard for people to explore other modalities of healing that may be available and effective. Just imagine if some simple dietary changes, nutritional supplements and minerals could help? I feel its worth a try.

I would like to end this week by saying that it is my intention to keep the topics open and flexible on this blog concentrating on the mind, body, spirit connection. Meaning, talking about nutrient dense foods, herbs or even yoga and meditation suits me just fine. We could expand a bit on the broken medical system, food system and the problems associated with not eating organic as well if anyone is interested.   I recently discovered glyphosate or Roundup chelates the body of its minerals and that will leave you vulnerable to all kinds of health problems. Many people have no idea that this is a concern so getting the word out is very important.

Lastly, this year I had the great pleasure of visiting a wonderful hot spring in my area that was so incredibly healing to my spirit I feel it should be shared with all and I may dedicate an entire blog post to just that.

Wishing you all a very beautiful week










Healing the Planet with Superfoods

Everything on earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission.This is the Indian theory of existence”            Morning Dove (1888-1936)

Greetings and Salutations! My name is Bonnie Spiker, I am 50 year old wife and mother of 2 who lives in Colorado Springs Colorado  I have been interested in healthy eating for about  half of my life, 24 years! I went to culinary school and worked as a professional baker for 15 years. My interest in the power of superfoods and herbal healing is immense and intense. I make my own tinctures, salves and syrups as well as use superfoods like Hemp Powder to treat my chronic anemia. My personal journey has led me to lose a tremendous amount of faith in our current medical system, which has led me to the healing powers of plants. Plants are the original medicines and heal the body not just manage the symptoms. Plants are powerful and extraordinary and I have found learning about them to be intriguing and Fun! I would like to start this blog in order to talk with others interested in herbal alternatives to unsafe prescription and over the counter medications. Share knowledge, recipes and just support one another in learning about plant medicines.

My daughter and I are both interested in opening an online store in the future to provide organic herbs and superfoods . Along with tea blends and protein shakes which contain superfoods  catered to individual needs. My teenage daughter would also like to create makeup that isnt toxic and full of lead, which include superfood ingredients. This is a mother daughter endeavor because we both have a special interest in living as clean and healthy as we can.

So let us get started right away!

The first herb I would like to talk about is Astragalus. I have recently learned some exciting new health benefits of Astragalus and would like to share them with you all.

Telomeres are at the end of our chromosomes. They have been described as being similar to the plastic cap on a shoe lace. They protect our chromosomes and gradually diminish as we age. Astragalus has been found to repair the enzyme telemorase and the telomeres themselves. This is an amazing discovery that is linked to longevity. Not only is astragalus an adaptogenic herb it can also slow aging and who doesnt want that?! I personally use this herb daily and combine it with ashwaganda when I soak my tincture. I have been doing this for the past 3 years and I have no plans of stoppping   anytime soon. I once asked an herbalist, if you could take only one tincture what would it be? and her answer was astragalus ashwaghanda.